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Don Coxe: “Central Banks Are Busy At Work Creating The Next Big Bull Market In Gold”

Tekoa Da Silva submits: I was able to connect with the legendary Don Coxe this week, chairman ofCoxe Advisors LLP, during a time in which investor sentiment in the mining and precious metals sector has reached levels of “despair and cynicism”,the likes of which Don has never seen before. What was encouraging to note however, was that in […]

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Why A Weimar-Style Hyperinflation Will Never Occur In The West…

I saw a YouTube video published by Nick Barisheff recently (not an endorsement), which details his argument for hyperinflation and $10,000 oz. gold. While I don’t doubt the possibility of $10,000 oz. gold, I’m highly skeptical of the possibility of hyperinflation in the United States and Europe. The reason is simple: Money today is not what money was 50 or […]

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The Soros Position Nobody is Talking About

Just about everyone in the gold and money management communities, is aware that billionaire George Soros’ hedge fund, Soros Fund Management LLC, is heavily invested in gold and gold mining equities. Additionally, in the past few days, a flurry of new articles have been written, detailing the Soros Fund’s most recent 13-f filing. In case […]

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