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Explaining My Portfolio

I have received quite a lot of questions regarding the newsletter portfolio as well as my major holdings. In this article I will try and explain some of the basic points of what my asset investments are, as well as what is and what isn’t on my watch-list. However, before I continue I would like to say […]

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What’s Next for Precious Metals?

As predicted, precious metals have been weak as of late. During the price reversals in early July, I warned that sentiment became overly optimistic while prices remained in a technical downtrend. Even though I hold large core Silver investment, I decided that a smart thing to do was to hedge this investment with Gold and […]

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Consider Purchasing Metals

It seems that a lot of markets as well as the economy, are at an important inflection point. If you are a trader and have been following this blog over the last few weeks, you would have noticed quite a few trade recommendations and might have been busy trading all the technical breakouts. So far, we […]

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