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Precious Metals Sentiment Update

We’ve recently written quite a bit about the current technical situation in precious metals as well as the current bear market compared to past bear markets. Thus we’ve neglected sentiment somewhat. This is a good time to examine sentiment as the sector appears to be bottoming or trying to emerge from a bottom. The first […]

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Hulbert Gold Sentiment At Record Lows

If you are sick and tired of reading Precious Metals sentiment updates on this blog, I do not blame you. As an author of a contrarian blog, my job is to report as an objective view as possible of sentiment indicators developing within the various asset classes. Right now, it seems that Gold is one […]

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Updated Gold & Silver Sentiment Charts

Tiho Brkan was kind of enough to share these charts which provide insight into the sentiment in the precious metals market…. First is GLD and GLD physical holdings….. Next we have the rate of change for GLD’s value (of holdings)…. Here is Gold with the current positioning of large speculators and small speculators….. Last, here […]

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