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If Gold follows the path of its strongest cyclical rebounds, it could rise to $2,000/oz, $3000/oz and even much higher!

Junior mining companies could rise 10-fold, 20-fold and even more!

I'm Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, the editor and publisher of TheDailyGold Premium. I'm a Chartered Market Technician, a member of the Market Technicians Association and have spoken multiple times at major mining conferences such as PDAC and Cambridge House. My work has been featured in leading finance outlets such as CNBC, Barron's and Yahoo Finance. Kitco, the largest Gold publisher in the world, interviews me frequently.

You may know me from my book The Coming Renewal of Gold's Secular Bull Market: Dump U.S. Stocks and Prepare for Gold's Final Run, which was first published in May 2015 and correctly anticipated the revival in Gold and gold stocks.

My background and qualifications helped our newsletter portfolio strongly outperform the sector over a six and a half year period that included the worst bear market in gold stocks in the past 90 years! Note, we recently started a real brokerage portfolio which provides complete transparency and accountability to our subscribers.

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The Coming Renewal of Gold's Secular Bull Market
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Feedback From Subscribers:

"I have subscribed to many investment services over my lifetime. I can honestly say Jordan Roy-Byrne has developed not only one of the most analytically accurate, but also has hit the high water mark by making his analysis feel personalized. In addition to a detailed weekly report, he often sends additional emails with daily observations of not only the physical metals and miners, but also related metrics such as the market and currencies. His service is a great integration of history and future probability that has not only helped me make money, but also avoid losing. In fact, the only time I do lose is when I take more aggressive positions than he has recommended, or follow my gut instead of his objective reasoning. It truly is a 5 Star Service at a great price."

- Donovan P. CPA & Attorney

"I have been a subscriber for 3 years since I was impressed with Jordan's presentation at the metals conference in San Francisco in November 2012. His individual company reports have been invaluable and his trading strategies have also helped keep me from losing my shirt during the worst PM sector bear market in recent memory! His newsletter subscription price is very reasonable compared with most other perma-bull services that have cost me in the past. Access to Jordan's expertise is a must for any PM sector investor.‬‬‬‬‬"

- D. Erfle, Investment Professional‬

"I have been following Jordan's work closely for the past four years. I am continually impressed by the volume and quality of content that Jordan puts out on a weekly basis. In spite of precarious market conditions, Jordan's actionable advice has allowed readers to protect their wealth and even make money in a brutal market. Now with Gold showing signs of renewed strength, TheDailyGold is proving to be even more of an indispensable resource for myself and many of my close associates. Jordan's reads on both fundamental and technical indicators are crucial to getting the full picture! I would recommend Jordan's work to anyone interested in investing in the mining space. Understanding the nuances and particulars of the mining sector requires a steep learning curve and it can take years to fully acclimate yourself - that is time that most people do not have. Let Jordan do the work for you!"

- Collin Kettell, Partner & CEO Palisade Capital

I make my living by providing high quality actionable research to folks like you. I take my work seriously as my subscribers are my lifeblood. My career depends on providing subscribers with top notch, objective research and analysis that can help them make money.

I have two goals. The first is to help subscribers make money. The second is to provide the highest quality of honest research and analysis for my subscribers. Our transparent and sincere approach differs from the majority of newsletters. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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$149.95 / 6 Months

*  Check or Money Orders also accepted.

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