Year: 2010

Gold & Uranium, Rules Of The Range

Golden Crystal. Whether you buy breakouts (difficult) or price weakness (best), it is important to keep your charts simple and clear.

Gold Has Been A Terrible Investment?

How many of you hear these financial advisor morons get on CNBC and discuss what a lousy investment has been over the years?  What?  Oh, it doesn’t pay interest?  Junk bonds paid tremendous interest all thru the 1980’s and then the market crashed hard.  99% of the world lost substantially more in capital loss than … Continue reading “Gold Has Been A Terrible Investment?”

If You Haven’t Bought Silver Yet, Read This

By Chris Weber, editor, The Weber Global Opportunities Report Monday, December 27, 2010 The last time I was able to identify a period when a precious metals correction was about over happened two years ago… At that time, gold hit a low of $693 and silver $9.63. Since then, gold has risen about 100%, but … Continue reading “If You Haven’t Bought Silver Yet, Read This”

3 Things that Could Halt Gold’s Run

Normally we write about the things and conditions that cause precious metals to rise. While these things may be obvious, the corresponding rise in the bull market will not always be consistent and linear. Small and large corrections will occur along the way. Some will be purely technical while some have real drivers. There are … Continue reading “3 Things that Could Halt Gold’s Run”



No Signs of a Gold Bubble Despite Record Advances in 2010

History has been peppered with financial bubbles and we’ll get to that, but first, is gold in a bubble?

This past week in gold

This past week in gold By Jack Chan at 12/25/2010 GLD – on sell signal. SLV – on buy signal. GDX – on sell signal. XGD.TO – on sell signal. Summary Long term – on major buy signal. Short term – on mixed signals. We continue to hold our core positions with a hedge … Continue reading “This past week in gold”


It’s almost impossible to find anyone who is long term bearish on the stock market or economy at this time.

Gold and Precious Metals Update

Gold and Precious Metals US Dollar Chart US Dollar Analysis: The Dollar rally has been plagued by distribution volume, and now looks like it will rally only slightly higher before declining again! Study the volume on my chart.  The power volume of this move is happening on dollar selling!  Big Volume equals Big Money Flows. … Continue reading “Gold and Precious Metals Update”

Gold in 2011

Now that 2010 is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how various assets will fare in 2011. Considering that gold has consistently risen for a decade , it makes sense that more and more eyes are fixed on gold. It will eventually be gold’s time to absolutely dominate the headlines, but in … Continue reading “Gold in 2011”

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