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November Budget Deficit Highest on Record

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The federal budget deficit rose to $150.4 billion last month, the largest November gap on record. And the government’s deficits are set to climb higher if Congress passes a tax-cut plan that’s estimated to cost $855 billion over two years….

Gold Breakout in Real Terms Means Good Times are Ahead for Gold Bulls

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In past commentaries, I’ve written about my favorite form of technical analysis. That is intermarket analysis. Intermarket analysis takes traditional technical analysis much further. Normally, we’d look at a market by itself. We’d look at its price action, potential patterns and its momentum. Intermarket analysis takes this a step further by comparing the market at … Continue reading “Gold Breakout in Real Terms Means Good Times are Ahead for Gold Bulls”

Update on Gold Juniors

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GDXJ is the ETF for junior miners and in particular junior gold companies. This sector has been very strong in 2010 and has solidly outperformed its counterpart, GDX as well as Gold. GDXJ made a key breakout in September and continued to soar into early November. The market soared above our target of $39 and … Continue reading “Update on Gold Juniors”

TheDailyGold Podcast #10

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Dave Skarica, who has a new book out, joined us about a week ago to discuss Gold, Silver, the Juniors and Oil/Gas at the end. You can also find Dave at

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