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Richard Russell’s Friday Comment

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Courtesy of Market Watch: “Over the holiday, I’ve been reading the gold advisories that I usually follow. Almost without exception, they’ve had their subscribers trade out of gold. … I’ve said over and over ad nauseam, that you can’t out-trade a powerful bull or bear market. Bull markets like this gold bull market come along, … Continue reading “Richard Russell’s Friday Comment”

Time: All That Glitters

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An article from the new issue of Time Magazine about Gold’s moment in the spotlight.

Market Watch: The New Gold Bugs

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The new gold bugs are taking gold mainstream. Tudor, Paulson, Greenlight, and Hayman bring the precious metal in from the fringe.

The Best Argument for Gold

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The US cannot finance its ever growing obligations from existing savings or foreign borrowing. The solution is number three: monetization.

David Rosenberg: Gold to Hit $3000

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This, according to his daily commentary, noted at the Business Insider. He does utter the “crowded trade” phrase.

Media Clowns Can’t Get it Right, Re: Gold/US$

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Is it just me or is anyone else tired of all this talk about Gold FOLLOWING the US$’s lead? Turn on the news and they’ll talk about how a falling US$ pushes Gold higher.

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