Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA

Gold Stocks vs. Gold Bullion

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Good piece written by Steve Saville. Steve shows that over the very long-term, the large cap miners don’t outperform Gold. He asserts that this is likely because of costs associated with mine depletion. Steve also points out that you are likely to outperform Gold if you can select the right junior companies. Interestingly, we … Continue reading “Gold Stocks vs. Gold Bullion”

Morning Metals Commentary

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After dramatically underperforming Gold in the last few sessions, Silver is rebounding in both real and nominal terms….

Early Morning Metals Commentary

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The US Dollar Index remains buoyant but is struggling with overhead resistance at 79.00. However, the market’s buoyancy does…..

Great Jim Rogers Interview

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They discuss Gold at the 21-22 minute mark. Jim Rogers points out that at a recent talk in Prague, 74% of the attendees (big money managers) NEVER OWNED GOLD!

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