Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA

Morning Gold & Silver Commentary

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….Does that translate to immediate follow through this week? Not necessarily, but it one has to think that is bullish as we are nearing spring….

A Look at the 10-Year Treasury Bond

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This chart of the 10-Year Yield shows an imminent breakout. Everything is bullish here. It is a beautiful reverse head and shoulders pattern and the price action is bullish in all time frames….

Paul Brodsky: Gold is not a Crowded Trade

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Courtesy of the Big Picture Blog (Barry Ritholz), is a thoughtful piece by Paul Brodsky, concerning the empty rhetoric from some Gold bears….”It’s a crowded trade.” I have been harping about this for quite a while…..

Gold in Euros is about to go Parabolic

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The strongest moves in Gold occur when the market is rising against all currencies. While this is a “duh” statement, I bet most analysts neglect to track…..

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