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Brent Cook: Successful Exploration Investing

Source: Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher, The Gold Report  12/22/2009 No drill results? No worries. Good geology, good management, a good cash position and a good stock price are good enough to coax renowned exploration analyst (and geologist) Brent Cook into buying junior prospect generators and explorers. He finds his sweet spot being near the top … Continue reading

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Porter Stansberry: Gold is Nowhere Near the Top

Source: The Gold Report. Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher  12/18/2009 The U.S. dollar has reigned as the world’s reserve currency for more than 60 years. That’s a real anomaly in the history of paper money, according to Stansberry & Associates Investment Research founder Porter Stansberry, but the dollar’s days on the throne are numbered. With a … Continue reading

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Hard Assets Should Continue to Appreciate

Sprott’s Oliver & Horvat: Hard Assets Should Continue to Appreciate Source: The Gold Report; interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher  12/08/2009 The devil will be in the details of the balance sheet when hyperinflation hits. And while lots of companies have been using leverage to drive their ROE (and their stock prices), the structure of their debt … Continue reading

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Barry Allan: Stage Is Set for Stellar Silver Performance

Research Capital’s equity team lead and senior mining analyst Barry Allan remains absolutely optimistic about the king of metals’ long-term outlook for a variety of reasons, and in this exclusive Gold Report interview talks about some of the emerging companies whose deposits portend the next generation of gold mines. But in the meantime, he says silver will slip into the limelight for what’s likely to prove a stellar performance.

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Peter Grandich: Silver’s Turn to Shine

Not that there’s a link between the two, but as the legendary Peter Grandich celebrates his silver anniversary as a market commentator, he tells The Gold Report in this exclusive interview that having been left behind in the big run-up in gold, silver’s time has come to steal the limelight for a while.

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Roger Wiegand: $2,960 Gold on the Horizon?

Manipulation and money that’s been on the sidelines are driving the market, according to TraderTracks editor Roger Wiegand in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. He see the makings of some “pretty exciting” action in precious metals front,

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