Meadow Bay Gold Intro

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Meadow Bay Gold (MAY.v, MBYCF) is our newest sponsor. The company currently has….

Trade Winds Bounces off Support

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Sponsor Trade Winds Ventures (TWD.v, TWDIF) bounced strongly from support to end the week. Shares tested $0.27-$0.28…

Precious Metals Ready for Big-Time Run as Global Breakdown Begins

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  An important shift in global markets is taking place and it bears introspection. Gold has broken to a new high while Silver has established a bottom. Precious metals stocks have rebounded significantly from support. At the same time, important global stock markets are in the early stage of a technical breakdown. We don’t foresee … Continue reading “Precious Metals Ready for Big-Time Run as Global Breakdown Begins”

Silver Bottoms Amid Subtle but Bullish Factors

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  Successful market timing is based on careful use of technical analysis and sentiment analysis. Technical analysis measures supply and demand and sentiment analysis takes that a step further by looking at investor attitudes their positions and money flows. This information helps us assess probabilities. Nothing is certain but we want to see strong evidence … Continue reading “Silver Bottoms Amid Subtle but Bullish Factors”

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