Gold Breakout in Real Terms Means Good Times are Ahead for Gold Bulls

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In past commentaries, I’ve written about my favorite form of technical analysis. That is intermarket analysis. Intermarket analysis takes traditional technical analysis much further. Normally, we’d look at a market by itself. We’d look at its price action, potential patterns and its momentum. Intermarket analysis takes this a step further by comparing the market at … Continue reading “Gold Breakout in Real Terms Means Good Times are Ahead for Gold Bulls”

Update on Gold Juniors

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GDXJ is the ETF for junior miners and in particular junior gold companies. This sector has been very strong in 2010 and has solidly outperformed its counterpart, GDX as well as Gold. GDXJ made a key breakout in September and continued to soar into early November. The market soared above our target of $39 and … Continue reading “Update on Gold Juniors”

TheDailyGold Podcast #10

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Dave Skarica, who has a new book out, joined us about a week ago to discuss Gold, Silver, the Juniors and Oil/Gas at the end. You can also find Dave at AddictedtoProfits.net.

Sterilizing Money at the QE Corral

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By The Mogambo Guru 11/12/10 Tampa, Florida – There are a lot of intricacies in the Federal Reserve’s evil ways, especially as concerns creating $900 billion in the next six months in another round of quantitative easing, and one of them is explained by Daniel R. Amerman of DanielAmerman.com. He says, “There is something else … Continue reading “Sterilizing Money at the QE Corral”

Gold Standard Manifesto

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A great quote from William Osler typifies the evolution of our current monetary system. He said: “The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow.” Decades and centuries ago, no one would have done without a hard money standard. The founders … Continue reading “Gold Standard Manifesto”

Target for Silver

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Silver has obviously had a very strong run. After breaking out past $19.50/oz, Silver has run all the way to nearly $27 with gains in eight of the past nine weeks. How much further can Silver run? We see some confluence of targets at $32. Note that back in 1980 there was barely any trading … Continue reading “Target for Silver”

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