Gold Breakout vs. Corporate Bonds

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Since the financial crisis in 2008, it is undeniable that precious metals have been the best performer. One would assume that market participants have been piling into Precious Metals. Certainly some money has moved into the sector, smartly anticipating the continuance of a major bull market and looming severe inflation in the next several years. … Continue reading “Gold Breakout vs. Corporate Bonds”

Institutional Money Hasn’t Participated in Recent Gold Advance

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In regards to technical analysis, we usually discuss (in our public commentaries) price patterns, intermarket relationships and sentiment. I can’t remember I wrote something about volume. This may be the first. Volume can be interpreted in a number of ways which can make it less reliable in my opinion. However, in today’s commentary we want … Continue reading “Institutional Money Hasn’t Participated in Recent Gold Advance”

GDXJ Update

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GDXJ has measured targets of $36.50 and $39.00. The first target was hit yesterday. Will GDXJ reach $39.00 or will it backtrack to previous resistance at $32.00? In any case, know your plan. If GDXJ snapsback to $32.00 to retest the breakout then that would be an opportune time to add to positions, especially if … Continue reading “GDXJ Update”

The Contrarian Call on Gold

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Numerous recent busts (technology, banks, internet, oil, stocks, etc) have given rise to the principle of contrarian investing. Contrarians seek to buy when sentiment is bearish or when a market is completely ignored. They seek to sell when a market is overpriced or overvalued. The problem nowadays is that everyone has bubble fatigue. The herd … Continue reading “The Contrarian Call on Gold”

The Daily Gold Podcast Episode 8

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We talked with Trace Mayer, JD of runtogold.com. Trace is an expert in money and monetary systems. He provides his perspective from a different angle than most of today’s analysts and we think you will enjoy it. Learn more about his book, The Great Credit Contraction.

The Daily Gold Podcast #7

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In episode 7, Dave Skarica and Trendsman discuss the short-term outlook in the precious metals sector and in particular, Silver, Juniors, the US Dollar and potential political dynamics.

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