Precious Metals Outlook

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I was interviewed by Mike Swanson of Wall Street Window. The interview is here:

Argonaut Gold Continues its Strong Growth

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Here is our interview with Argonaut Gold CEO & President Pete Dougherty. Pete discusses the La Colorada project, which has begun to pour Gold, the San Antonio project, industry struggles and potential for future acquisitions.  

David Morgan: Silver & Gold to Gain Gradually in the Near-Term

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Below is our interview with David Morgan, Editor of the Morgan Report at Dave is one of the top precious metals analysts in the world. David’s Bio: Seduced by silver at the tender age of 11, David Morgan started investing in the stock market while still a teenager. A precious metals aficionado armed with degrees … Continue reading “David Morgan: Silver & Gold to Gain Gradually in the Near-Term”

Dave Skarica discusses Gold Stocks, Stock Market, Europe, Greece

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Dave Skarica opines on the gold equities, valuations, the overall stock market, Europe and Greece. Dave covers all markets in Addicted to Profits and he’s also the editor of the widely-read Gold Stock Advisor publication from Newsmax.  

Sean Brodrick discuss Gold, Euro, China, etc.

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Sean Brodrick is Editor of Red Hot Global Resources and Global Resource Hunter at Weiss Research. Check him out at UncommonWisdomDaily. Sean discusses the gold stocks, Gold, the Euro and the technical situation in precious metals.  

Tiho Brkan analyzes Gold short, medium and long-term

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Tiho Brkan is author of the ShortSideofLong Blog, which is a trading diary. Tiho is a fund manager and also runs a small mining company. His blog is one of the best finance and trading blogs on the web.     MP3 File: [podcast][/podcast]

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