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Trey Wasser: Identifying Stars in the Mexican Precious Metals Universe

Trey Wasser, who designed the Mexican Gold & Silver Explorers Model to track junior explorers and producers as they define and develop precious metal assets and bring them into profitable production, took a breather from his frequent travels south of the border to spend some time with The Gold Report. Trey’s model-based index has enjoyed a 250% increase since inception in January 2007—including no loss in the 2008 crash—so he clearly has a keen eye for what it takes to make a winner.

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Weekly Update

This past week in gold By Jack Chan at 12/19/2009 GLD – on sell signal. SLV – on sell signal. GDX – on sell signal. XGD.TO – on sell signal. Summary Long term – on a major buy signal. Short term – on sell signals. A correction is in progress and we are fully … Continue reading

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Barry Allan: Stage Is Set for Stellar Silver Performance

Research Capital’s equity team lead and senior mining analyst Barry Allan remains absolutely optimistic about the king of metals’ long-term outlook for a variety of reasons, and in this exclusive Gold Report interview talks about some of the emerging companies whose deposits portend the next generation of gold mines. But in the meantime, he says silver will slip into the limelight for what’s likely to prove a stellar performance.

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My interview with Jim Rogers

Yesterday I interviewed Jim Rogers, who obviously needs no introduction. I emailed him and we were able to do the interview the same day. The thing which differentiates Rogers from others is that he not only answers the exact questions asked of him but he answers thoroughly. His humble nature, in addition to the knowledge … Continue reading

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Silver About to Explode?

Most Gold bulls are silver bulls. The 1970s is the reason why and because inflation that occurs when a secular commodity bull cycle is in effect tends to flow into both precious metals.

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Good Time to Invest in Silver

This article suggests that silver is undervalued compared to gold by anywhere from 10% to 50% based on historical gold to silver price relationships.

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