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Here you will find all you need to know about our gold and silver premium newsletter service. The following two minute video gives a quick rundown. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at Everything is sent to you via email. Please advise if you cannot receive large attachments and we will send download links. Upon completion of payment, we will contact you within 24 hours and send you our most recent updates. Thank you for your interest.

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This newsletter covers Gold & Silver stocks from the senior producers down to the emerging junior producers and high quality exploration companies. Also covered are Gold, Silver and the US Dollar. There will be two major updates per month. A major update usually includes three to four PDF files. Email updates will be as frequent as needed (deemed by market action).

Each Issue Includes

  • Technical Chart & Sentiment Analysis of at least 40 Gold & Silver Stocks. Charts, Put-Call data chart for individual stocks and for the entire sector, and Short Interest data if meaningful.
  • Technical & Sentiment Analysis on Gold, Silver & the US Dollar. Charts, ETF put-call chart, Public Opinion polls & Commitment of Traders Report.
  • Updates, if any, to our Recommended List. Companies will be written-up prior to recommendation.




Our objective is to provide complete technical and sentiment analysis of the individual gold and silver companies. Within this we seek two things: First, to keep you invested in the leading stocks. In a bull market, you want to be invested in the right sector. If you can find the leaders within the leading sector then you can make a fortune. Second, we seek to help you navigate what figures to be a very volatile uptrend. Our research seeks to find the high risk and low risk points in these stocks. The idea is that (while holding a core position), at high-risk points investors can take partial profits and at low risk points investors can increase their long positions.

What Do You Get?

– Expert Technical Analysis. The editor is a Chartered Market Technician and a member of the Market Technicians Association. Please see the testimonials below to see how Jordan Roy-Byrne’s work has earned the respect of his peers and readers.

– Sentiment Analysis. We track the available options data and short interest data on US traded gold and silver stocks. The options data we track is from the ISE global exchange. We also show the cumulative options and short interest data for both the gold and silver stocks that we cover. Technicals are very effective but in conjunction with this kind of sentiment data we can provide even more precise analysis. This is true for individual stocks as well as the sector as a whole.

– Actionable Research. While we dont provide specific advice, our information and analysis is geared to helping and informing traders, investors and money managers make their own decisions. We will provide a recommended list for conservative and speculative minded investors and traders.

– Email Access. Have a question about something? Have an idea that will improve the newsletter? We are available to our subscribers via email.


How effective is the ISE Put/Call Data?


The International Securities Exchange measures only opening customer long options transactions while excluding market maker and firm trades. This is thought to best represent sentiment. In tracking the ISE put/call data for individual equities, I have found the data to be very reliable. It is generating good signals. There are two things we look for in this data that give a potential bullish signal. The first is an outright spike in the put/call ratio on a single day. The second is a higher trending moving average for the data. That indicates persistent bearish sentiment. Below we show two examples. For GLD, we can see that the put/call moving average was slowly trending higher for a few weeks and it ended with a spike. That gave us the best of both worlds and the spike occurred, the day after the bottom in GLD. In the second example (Newmont Mining), we see how the moving average was trending higher for about two weeks. The second spike came two days prior to the bottom, but it followed a rising trend. Certainly, the put-call data is best used in conjunction with technical analysis and other indicators. However, it appears to be a solid indicator even on its own.


Who Should Subscribe?

– Owners of Gold/Silver Stocks & Those with a Bullish Bias. If you own gold/silver stocks then this newsletter can keep you informed and updated on their movement while alerting you to current and future prognosis. We dont waste time trying to argue or convince you of a trend that we believe is already in place.

– Self Directed Investors & Professional Advisor. This newsletter does not give personalized advice nor holds the hands of investors and traders. It provides information and research to aid you.

– Active Traders. Our research and analysis can help you spot low risk opportunities, and high probability setups while alerting you to areas of risk.

TDG Bonus AdWho Should Not Subscribe?

– You are looking for only In-Depth Fundamental Analysis. The primary focus of this newsletter is technical. We pay attention to fundamentals but if you are looking specifically for detailed fundamental analysis, you should subscribe to another gold/silver newsletter and perhaps use that in conjunction with ours.

– You are looking for Direct Buy/Sell Advice. We don’t know the particular financial situation, goals and objectives of our readers. We will have a recommended list but it is up to the reader how he/she wants to utilize it.

– You are not bullish on Gold/Silver Shares. This newsletter will not take the time to try and convince skeptics of a trend that we believe is firmly in place and already in motion.


Cedar Petrochemicals, Inc. is a privately owned commodities trading firm based on Wall Street. We specialize in trading physical commodities worldwide. I have been working with Jordan Roy-Byrne for over a year and I find that he is a brilliant technician. Over the course of my very successful and lengthy career, I have employed and consulted with a great deal of traders and by far he is one of the best. I find that his knowledge is vast and exceeds average expectations. Furthermore, it has been a pleasure to consult with Jordan and I am sure that he will continue to generate much admiration for his technical savvy and erudition during his career.


Salim Harfouche

CEO Cedar Petrochemicals, Inc.

I first became attracted to the work of Jordan Roy-Byrne by one of his public articles. I was impressed by his measuredness and clarity, and something he said made me curious, so I emailed him a question. His thoughtful and intelligent response convinced me to keep an eye on his work, and eventually I signed up for his letter. I have found him to be very smart on where the market is going, more complex in his thinking than most, and particularly astute in following the precious metals. Although there are many bigger names out there, when it comes to technical analysis, I find myself trusting and relying on Jordan more than the others. He is like a chess player who thinks further ahead than his competition. Whats more, he is never annoyingly bombastic, even when he makes great calls. Hes humble and direct about errors, which he is quick to point out and explain. He is generous in response to questions. And he keeps his subscribers informed. You can count on an email from Jordan whenever a sudden question arises—about where gold or silver or the dollar is heading.


New York City

Trendsman offers some good solid commentary and technical analysis. His work provides the active investor and interested observer with useful information with some good depth on analysis. Few analysts in the field seem cover a cross section of both useful and comprehensive set of topics. Trendsman does. We have known each other for almost two years. I always find something useful his documents, a claim hard to make with many analysts. We at times discuss the same important topic of the day, and have regular exchanges privately. Right now we both are watching the mining stocks, which are negatively correlated with the mainstream S&P500 stock index. The sea change is clear, in that the conventional stocks are stalling; the US Dollar is breaking down, adding fuel to the commodity fires. In fact, the trend toward gold & silver as monetary safety zones could be powerful as the US banks continue to collapse during the next year and the US Dollar plumbs even lower lows. The Trendsman is on top of the transition. He makes sense from complex charts, delivering a useful message from them. He identifies interesting angles not easily conjured. With his work as guidance, one is equipped to deal with perhaps the most treacherous financial environment in over 70 years.

Jim Willie CB

Editor Hat Trick Letter

I have known Jordan-Roy Byrne since 2002. During the time I have known him he has worked tirelessly and endlessly to better understand the financial markets. He has focused his efforts on technical analysis and the precious metals market in particular and has been quite accurate with his forecasts. His work is clear and concise. I’m proud to say that I know Jordan and it has been a pleasure to consult and discuss the gold stocks with him. I look forward to this newsletter, which is sure to be a wealth of information and analysis for the gold/silver investor.

Ryan Parker

Senior Portfolio Manager

EquityBrief Capital Management

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