Your Historic Buying Opportunity Awaits

When Gold failed to break above critical resistance in the spring, we knew it could be a negative signal for the precious metals sector.

Real interest rates were stable and rising while the US equity market continued to grind higher. The US Dollar, which had bottomed in February began to rally strongly.

While we began to prepare for the downside in precious metals by raising cash and going short, we wanted to know when sector could rise.

The precious metals sector is extremely cheap on a present and historical basis but the fundamental driving force is not in play yet.

Essentially, Gold to rise requires accelerating inflation or Federal Reserve rate cuts.

In studying Fed history, we became convinced that this historic buying opportunity will be around the time the Fed Funds Rate peaks. In other words, it will be around the time of the Federal Reserve’s final interest rate hike during the cycle that began in December 2015.

Listen closely.

We studied the history of gold mining stocks and Federal Reserve rate cuts going back 60 years.

During that period, there have been roughly 12 rate cut cycles.

In 10 of the 12 cycles, gold stocks gained a minimum of 52% and an average of 185%.

The two times they did not gain, (Gold was crashing in 1981 and inflation was skyrocketing in the mid 1970s) are nothing like today. So we can forget about those.

In fact, the gold mining sector is currently amongst the cheapest it has ever been.

Let me show you some charts

This chart shows gold stocks relative to Gold. The ratio is currently close to the cheapest ever.

Chart: Gold Stocks vs Gold

This chart shows how cheap gold stocks are relative to the stock market. We are closing in on a historic, nearly 100-year low!

Chart: Gold Stocks vs SPX

Finally, take a look at the S&P TSX Gold Index and its rolling return over various time periods.

Consider how oversold the gold stocks are on a very long-term basis. The only comparable periods are 2000 and the late 1950s.

Moreover, note the index is trading around the same level it was 38 years ago! You have to go back to the early 1970s and early 1960s to find something similar. Those were spectacular buying opportunities!

Chart:  Gold Stocks Oversold

Let’s recap.

Gold stocks are extremely and historically cheap. At the only other points in history when they were this cheap, they delivered spectacular returns over the next 10 years

That being said, the current trend is down and your epic buying opportunity won’t arrive until the Fed is done hiking rates.

When exactly will that be

Probably sometime in the middle of 2019.

But here is another piece of extremely valuable information.

During those rate cut cycles, the gold stocks began their advance an average of two months after the Fed Funds rate peaked with a median of one month.

Finally, we should note that during the first rate cut cycle in the 1960s, gold stocks gained 311% and during the first rate cut cycle in the 2000s, gold stocks gained 600%

This is why I have focused my career on Gold and the junior mining sector

Gold and gold stocks are poised to perform very well but your eyes should be on the junior mining sector where select companies could rise 5-fold, 10-fold, even 20-fold over the next few years.

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