Sentiment on Metals

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The chart below focuses on various metal prices and hedge fund positioning. Gold, majority of the time is a precious metal with little industrial use. Silver is a hybrid, with industrial use as well as precious nature. Interestingly enough, throughout history Silver has been associated with the use of currency even more then Gold. Finally, … Continue reading “Sentiment on Metals”

Mickey Fulp: Gold in an Increasingly Bi-Polar Market

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Mickey Fulp discusses why Gold is becoming a bi-polar market, the effects of potentially lower Copper prices and long-term fundamentals of the commodity bull market. Mickey’s Website & Twitter

Coppers Talking Infrastructure

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As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information
Pure gold deposits are increasingly difficult to find.

Gold/Silver Ratio Analysis

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The Gold/Silver ratio has just broken in favor of Silver. In other words, the ratio has broken to the downside. This development along with persistent strength in Gold has prompted the mainstream gurus and “experts” to talk up Silver. We’ve been writing about the potential in Silver on more than one occasion. See here and … Continue reading “Gold/Silver Ratio Analysis”

Clive Maund: Unlock Profits with Technical Analysis

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…The key point to understand is that the background dynamic is highly deflationary, but as politicians and business leaders do not want to face the grim consequences of deflation, which at best could result in their losing office and their positions….

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