Video Market Update

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In this video update we cover treasuries, junk bonds, the Nasdaq, Silver and gold miners….

NFTRH136 Wrap Up (Extended Version)

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This week’s edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole extrapolated the violent changes in the gold-silver ratio into an intermediate view of macro markets.  We reviewed topping structures across various commodities and importantly, gold’s ratio to these commodities, as this is primary to the investment case for premier gold stocks, both producers and explorers.  Targets … Continue reading “NFTRH136 Wrap Up (Extended Version)”

US Treasury Bond Interest Rates: Nowhere to Go But Up

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Charts from show that, as of right now, there is going to be almost $1.8 trillion in US Treasury debt maturing this year, and all of it will need to be “rolled over” by issuing new debt.

Perhaps it is also instructive that they also note that “Just shy of 50% of UST debt ‘rolls’ within three years.

Gold and the End of QE2

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After months of consolidation, gold has rallied to make new all-time highs. Depending on your position size, $1320, $1350, and $1375 were points to add. I nibbled above $1320, but missed $1350. No problem: I have a very healthy long position and I am not inclined to get leveraged here. That being said, I will add … Continue reading “Gold and the End of QE2”

Investors Rush Into Gold and Silver as U.S. Treasuries Show Signs Of Weakness

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Since the emergence of the European Debt crisis in April 2010, treasuries have been in a strong uptrend as investors have been seeking protection from risky assets.April to August 2010 was a deflationary period, similar to the fourth quarter of 2008 when treasuries soared higher before the massive government stimulus.  Stocks have been in a … Continue reading “Investors Rush Into Gold and Silver as U.S. Treasuries Show Signs Of Weakness”

Gold: The Big Picture Gets Bigger!

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Welcome to the Big Leagues. I keep telling the gold community that the Chinese people and Chinese corporations should not be confused with the Chinese Gman scumbag…..

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