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Stock Market is Due for a Bounce

The equity market is very oversold and due for a bounce as many indicators are hitting extremes. We expect a bounce but do want to note that crashes do happen when the market is very oversold. We plot the Vix, the put-call ratio (5-day moving average), the percentage of stocks trading above the 50-day moving […]

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Precious Metals Reach Rebound Targets

Precious metals for the most part have reached their initial rebound targets. Gold has led the charge by pushing above $1140 to $1150/oz resistance (for now) while Silver rebounded back to former support (the mid $15s). GDXJ has nearly touched $23 but GDX has failed to touch $17. This leaves us to question how much […]

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Precious Metals Get a Reprieve

The precious metals sector has held recent lows and a rebound is underway. Gold held $1080/oz for three straight weeks and has pushed as high as $1126/oz this week. The gold miners (GDX and GDXJ) surged the first half of the week and Silver has also gained. We believe that this move is more likely […]

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Global Stock Correction Continues

From ShortSideofLong:   S&P is now on the verge of breaking its tight range and trading below the 200 day MA Source: Bar Chart   Will it or won’t it? We have been discussing S&P 500 over the last few months on this blog and focusing on whether the US large cap index will finally drop below […]

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