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Gold: Still Waiting

Gold has been frustrating for bulls and bears since its crash in Q2 2013. In the two years since it has traded in a wide range, frustrating traders and investors. The net result has been nothing but the passing of time. Until Gold breaks above $1300 or breaks below $1150, we will remain in waiting […]

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Dumb Money Piles into Silver

From ShortSideofLong:   Today’s chart of the day focuses on Silver yet again. The post that was featured on the blog during middle of the month was a good alert to participate for a short term trade in metal on the long side. Those who did that would have profited some nice and quick gains. But the situation […]

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Are Precious Metals Breaking Out?

There is some talk among traders about precious metals breaking out. Silver broke a trendline dating back to summer 2011 and will make its highest weekly close in more than three months. Gold will make its highest weekly close in three months and gold miners had a very strong week. However, do these moves really […]

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Gold Miners: The Key Point to Watch

Forget the 200-day moving average. While it is important, clearly the 400-day moving average has been a much better indicator for the gold miners. GDX closed at $20.78. The 400-dma is at $22.43. If GDX can test it, it would mark the third test in the past 10 months. That tells me a transition from […]

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