New Low in Gold Stocks is a Strong Buy Signal

    Gold has been on the cusp of a major breakout but someone forgot to tell the gold stocks. Gold is right back at resistance levels yet the various gold stock indices are off their September 2017 highs by 11% to 16%. The relative weakness in the gold stocks (and Silver) is a signal … Continue reading “New Low in Gold Stocks is a Strong Buy Signal”

What the Stock Market Decline Means for Gold & Gold Stocks

    It was a rough week for investors in stocks and stocks of all kinds. The S&P 500 lost 5%. Emerging Markets also lost 5%. Gold Stocks, which had weakened before the broader equity market have been hit hard. They (GDX, GDXJ) also lost 5% last week. The HUI Gold Bugs Index (which excludes … Continue reading “What the Stock Market Decline Means for Gold & Gold Stocks”

Gold Needs More Relative Strength to Breakout

      Days ago Gold reached its 5-year trendline resistance but since then it has backed off while the rest of the precious metals sector has taken a beating which accelerated into the weekend. Although Gold lost only 1% on the week and the US Dollar was only fractionally higher, Silver lost over 4% … Continue reading “Gold Needs More Relative Strength to Breakout”

Gold & Gold Stocks Approaching Resistance

    Gold and gold stocks have enjoyed an excellent rebound since their December lows. Over the past six weeks Gold rebounded from a low of $1238 all the way to $1365 in recent days. The miners meanwhile rebounded nearly 18% (GDX) and 21% (GDXJ). However, these markets are approaching important resistance levels and at … Continue reading “Gold & Gold Stocks Approaching Resistance”

One Big, Potential Catalyst for Gold in 2018

        The rebound in the precious metals sector continues. Friday, Gold pushed to another new high, near $1340/oz. Gold stocks led by the HUI Gold Bugs Index and GDX also made a new high with juniors and Silver right behind. The greatest traders say the move comes first and then the reason … Continue reading “One Big, Potential Catalyst for Gold in 2018”

Here are the Key Levels in Gold & Gold Miners

      The rally in Gold and gold mining stocks easily surpassed our expectations and targets. The strength has been far more than we anticipated. The gold stocks blew past their 200-day moving averages while Gold blew past $1300/oz. Now it is time to take a technical look and focus on the key support … Continue reading “Here are the Key Levels in Gold & Gold Miners”

5 Reasons Gold Stocks Will Breakout in 2018

        There are very few sellers left There were very few sellers left in January 2016 when the devastating “forever bear” was about to end. Six months later and a 150% rebound in the large caps and 200% rise in the juniors (GDXJ) provided sellers an opportunity. They drove the miners and … Continue reading “5 Reasons Gold Stocks Will Breakout in 2018”

5 Charts That Show Historic Value in Gold Stocks

      Back in early 2016 as precious metals rebounded, our work showed that gold stocks were arguably the cheapest they had ever been. They had the worst 5-year and 10-year rolling performance ever, they were trading at potentially 40-year lows on a price to cash flow basis, they were the cheapest ever relative … Continue reading “5 Charts That Show Historic Value in Gold Stocks”

Relief Rally in Gold Mining Stocks

    In recent days the gold stocks (GDX, GDXJ) traded within 1% of our downside targets of GDX $21.00 and GDXJ $29.50. Last week we wrote: “the miners are getting oversold and a bounce could begin from those levels.” GDXJ troughed first last week at $29.84 while GDX printed a low of $21.27 on … Continue reading “Relief Rally in Gold Mining Stocks”

Gold Stocks Break, Gold to Follow

      We’ve been persistently bearish on precious metals since September and that has annoyed our readers. The weak price action, negative divergences and bearish fundamentals are too much to currently overcome for the time being. The gold stocks finally cracked this week and have lost another 7%-8% in only the past seven trading … Continue reading “Gold Stocks Break, Gold to Follow”

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