Gold & Silver Stocks are Overbought, but That’s Bullish

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  Gold and silver stocks had been consolidating bullishly while Gold and Silver corrected.   We documented it in recent weeks and even anticipated more consolidation and correction.   However, Gold was able to break resistance at $1960, which was enough to launch the already strong gold and silver stock ETFs into a fresh breakout. … Continue reading “Gold & Silver Stocks are Overbought, but That’s Bullish”

Gold Has Done This Only Twice

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Gold is correcting a short-term overbought condition.   Gold surged nearly $300/oz in less than six weeks and almost touched its all-time high. It was a logical point from which a correction could begin.   This is only the third time in Gold’s history in which it corrected after reaching or approaching the previous all-time … Continue reading “Gold Has Done This Only Twice”

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