Gold & Gold Stocks Ripping. What’s Next?

It was a huge week for the gold stocks. GDX gained nearly 7% while GDXJ surged over 10%.  Gold hit $1450/oz after Thursday before selling off Friday. Silver met the same fate on Friday but managed to close the week up over 6% and at a new 52-week high.  Let’s take a look at the … Continue reading “Gold & Gold Stocks Ripping. What’s Next?”

Gold Stocks Forming Bullish Consolidation

Gold and gold stocks especially continue to shrug off bits and pieces of bad news. No escalation in the trade war? The selloff lasted one day and the sector rebounded strongly the following day. Strong headline jobs number? Again, the weakness was a buying opportunity. This past week there was more.  The June CPI report … Continue reading “Gold Stocks Forming Bullish Consolidation”

Watch These 3 Key Indicators for Gold

Gold has successfully broken out as it closed the month and quarter well past 6-year resistance. It also confirmed the breakout when priced against foreign currencies. With that said, there are important indicators we can watch to help us monitor Gold’s health and the sustainability of this move.  Sure, we can watch the Gold price … Continue reading “Watch These 3 Key Indicators for Gold”

Huge Upside if Gold Breakout Holds

As I pen this article, Gold is set to close the month and the quarter above $1400/oz and holding the majority of its recent gains. That does not necessitate continued strength but it is a good sign. The technicals and fundamentals are finally in place for Gold.  It is outperforming all major currencies and the … Continue reading “Huge Upside if Gold Breakout Holds”

Potential Upside Targets for Gold Stocks

Gold has finally broken out to the upside. In Asia trading on Thursday, Gold exploded through the $1360 to $1370 resistance zone and was able to hold the gains throughout the day, closing above $1395/oz. As we pen this article, Gold has to chance to break $1400/oz by the weekend. The close of the month … Continue reading “Potential Upside Targets for Gold Stocks”

Gold has Good Chance to Break-Out Now

The more times a level is tested, the weaker it becomes and the more likely it is to break. Once again, Gold has rallied up to the wall of resistance in the $1350 to $1375 region. Gold has previously tested that wall a handful of times but failed to break through. This time, Gold is … Continue reading “Gold has Good Chance to Break-Out Now”

Rally or New Bull Market?

In recent days the market has moved from expecting a rate cut by January 2020 to now expecting as much as three rate cuts by then. As a result both Gold and gold stocks launched higher, forming a “three white soldiers” bullish reversal pattern. Last week and in previous writings, we noted the importance of … Continue reading “Rally or New Bull Market?”

The Coming Catalyst for Gold Stocks

We have written for over a year about the historical importance of the shift in Federal Reserve policy. We’ve noted that over the past 65 years in 11 of 13 rate cut cycles the gold stocks have enjoyed tremendous gains. The historical data shows an average gain of over 170% and median gain of almost … Continue reading “The Coming Catalyst for Gold Stocks”

Is the Trade War a Catalyst for Gold?

Although most of the precious metals sector has trended lower in recent months, Gold has held up well. It and the other, weaker components of precious metals got a boost on Monday when China retaliated with tariffs of its own. There has been little follow through since. This begs the question, will a trade war … Continue reading “Is the Trade War a Catalyst for Gold?”

Waiting for Double Bottom Support in Gold Stocks

Several weeks ago we wrote about the downside risk in the gold stocks. After the various gold stock indices formed distribution-type tops, the subsequent selling has been swift. Miners have plunged through moving averages and short-term breadth indicators quickly reached oversold extremes. While the gold stocks are oversold, it could be a little while before … Continue reading “Waiting for Double Bottom Support in Gold Stocks”

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