Year: 2009

Gold Stocks to Push Higher in 2010

Ted Scott, director, UK Strategy, F&C, says, “The only way that gold can underperform is if the U.S. and other developed economies recover in a conventional way by cutting spending and raising taxes while at the same time embarking on a period of stable economic growth.”

The Banks Will Bring Us a Hyperinflationary Depression

Justice Litle: As the banksters rush to pay back TARP funds and clear themselves for year-end bonuses, the world moves closer to a hyperinflationary depression.

Ron Griess: A look at various measures of Inflation

Ron Greiss of the Chart Store produces great graphics. In FSO’s wrapup piece, Greiss looks at various measures of inflation. Go here to see it:

Normann Financial’s Weekly Market Analysis

Gold Appears to Have Bottomed and Crude Oil Surges to Again Challenge Critical $80 Level

Holiday Trading Analysis

A look at Gold, Oil, Natural Gas and the DJIA during this holiday season.

Why Gold Will be the Greatest Trade Ever

Why Gold Will be the “Greatest Trade Ever” Forget about all the forecasts being made for 2010. Here’s my prediction for 2015: An entirely new name – John A. Paulson – will grace the coveted top of the annual Forbes billionaires list. And the gap between Paulson and the runner-up billionaire will be huge. Everyone … Continue reading “Why Gold Will be the Greatest Trade Ever”

Gold in the Hands of the Public

According to Adolf Hitler: “Gold in the hands of the public is an enemy of the state.” I wonder what he meant by this? Was Hitler retarded? Did he have a childhood marred by parental beatings with Gold plated items? Why would he say such a thing? Here’s another Hitler quote on Gold: Gold is … Continue reading “Gold in the Hands of the Public”

A Hard Look into 2010

A look at Gold, Oil and Copper as we move into 2010.

This Past Week in Gold

Long term – on a major buy signal.

Short term – on sell signals. A correction is in progress and we are fully hedged against a potential multi month correction/consolidation.

Brent Cook: Successful Exploration Investing

Source: Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher, The Gold Report  12/22/2009 No drill results? No worries. Good geology, good management, a good cash position and a good stock price are good enough to coax renowned exploration analyst (and geologist) Brent Cook into buying junior prospect generators and explorers. He finds his sweet spot being near the top … Continue reading “Brent Cook: Successful Exploration Investing”

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