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The Long and Short of What’s Happening With Silver These Days

Something has drastically changed in the silver market. The banks that once controlled the price of silver are now closing positions at a loss. The commercial shorts have begun to bleed money – and when blood spills sharks will circle. Hedge funds and traders that never even thought of silver before will begin to squeeze … Continue reading

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5 Alternative Investments to Consider

[Are you one of the] millions of people who lost money over the past decade in stocks and housing [who is] now buying bonds, annuities, and other fixed deposit credit based investments? [If so you are probably doing so because you] think it is the conservative [thing to do but, in fact, you] are really … Continue reading

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How Realistic Is $5,000 Gold?

Taking into account 11 key measurements based on historical movements and price ratios, gold is likely to exceed $5,000 and silver is likely to exceed $200 within the next 5 years….

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