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Awaiting the Inevitable Correction in the Silver Price

By Eric Fry 09/15/11 Laguna Beach, California – The International Can-Kicking Team is busy again today, as the European Central Bank, US Federal Reserve and three other central banks linked arms to kick the European debt crisis down the road until the end of the year. Specifically, the Can-Kickers announced that they would provide three-month … Continue reading

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How Governments Distort the Value of Money With or Without a Gold Standard

By Joel Bowman 05/27/11 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Speculation is not the same as gambling. As our good friend Doug Casey, a perennial favorite at the Agora Financial Investment Symposium, likes to say, speculation is the act (some might say “art”) of “capitalizing on politically caused distortions in the marketplace.” Consider, for example, the recent … Continue reading

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A 1980 copy of Playboy Predicts the Future for Silver

By Murray Dawes 05/12/11 Last night I lay back on my couch and had a couple of glasses of red, while reading an article from 1980 about the Hunt brothers and the events that surrounded the last spike in Silver to $50. I found the article while surfing the web for financial news so I … Continue reading

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What Is Silver Screaming About?

By Adrian Ash 04/16/11 London, England – The current surge in bids to buy silver might seem dramatic, but it’s more measured by far – to date, at least – than the true silver bubble of September 1979 to January 1980. Even so, you may as well call this a record price. In real terms, … Continue reading

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Could the Price of Silver Hit $50?

By Chuck Butler 04/15/11 St. Louis, Missouri – This morning, I’m seeing news that Moody’s has downgraded Ireland’s credit rating two notches, and China’s economy is still kicking tail and taking names, and a year has passed since my left eye was removed… And there’s more! So, let’s get to work, Chuck! Once again yesterday, … Continue reading

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Awaiting the “Zero Hour” of Available Credit

I watch expectantly as the national debt again nears the debt limit, and Zero Hour is just a few weeks away, a term I cleverly used to indicate that available credit will be zero. Maxed out.

I let it go at that, as I am not inebriated enough to get up on my high horse to loudly and rudely note that nobody in the corrupt government (including the Federal Reserve) apparently…

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Visual Evidence to Disprove the “Gold Bubble” Theory

Precious metals are proving resilient after yesterday’s beat-down. Gold is back up to $1,461. Silver spent a few nanoseconds below $40 yesterday and as of this writing sits smartly at $40.56.

With regular runs at historic highs, it’s no longer cranky gold bugs and dollar bears doing their share of gold price forecasting….

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Silver Is Getting Too Popular… Right?

By Jeff Clark 04/15/11 Stowe, Vermont – It’s no secret that the silver market is red hot. As I write, silver American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs are sold out at their respective mints. Buying in India has gone through the roof, especially noteworthy among a people with a strong historical preference for gold. Demand … Continue reading

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 Tracking Gold’s Rise Against Faux Money and Fiat Currencies

By Joel Bowman 04/06/11 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Gold $1,460…Oil $109 (Brent $123)…Dow 12,400… Good Golly…what isn’t going up?! Commodities…equities…monies. They’re all on the march. Yes, you read that right, Fellow Reckoner. Money is going up too. It’s going to the moon…and back. We mean real money, of course…not that flim flam fiat junk … Continue reading

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US Treasury Bond Interest Rates: Nowhere to Go But Up

Charts from contraryinvestor.com show that, as of right now, there is going to be almost $1.8 trillion in US Treasury debt maturing this year, and all of it will need to be “rolled over” by issuing new debt.

Perhaps it is also instructive that they also note that “Just shy of 50% of UST debt ‘rolls’ within three years.

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