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Silver about to Breakout Big

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(Excerpted from August 31st forecast to our Paying subscribers, who were alerted at $18.73 per ounce, now $19.50) Silver is one asset class I do not cover very often, but have been largely bullish on since $6 an ounce many years ago.  It can be considered “poor man’s Gold” as they say.  I believe Silver … Continue reading “Silver about to Breakout Big”

An update on the Gold Bull Market and the SP 500 Index

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Back in the third week of April I predicted here on Kitco.com a topping in the broader market indices.    The theory was the VIX levels were extremely and historically too low concomitant with extremely high historical readings in investor bullish sentiment gauges.  After thirteen Fibonacci months of a bull cycle rally, it was likely an … Continue reading “An update on the Gold Bull Market and the SP 500 Index”

The 13 Year Gold Bull Has Much More Room To Run

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The recent technical move up in Gold only confirms that we are in the final five year window in my opinion where the investing public becomes “aware” that gold is real money…..

What is next for Stocks & Gold?

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I continue to favor the gold stocks on a strong pullback to accumulate for a five year bull market that began in early August of this year. Our advice is to maintain higher than normal cash positions at this time, accumulate Gold on large dips, and wade into Gold Stocks on a big drop as well.

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