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Germany’s gold is the story de jour

t transpired last week that of the 43-odd tonnes per annum the Bundesbank expects to be returned from the New York Fed only 5 tonnes arrived in 2013.

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GoldMoney’s Maike Ahlstrom a 100% exam success

GoldMoney Business Analyst Maike Ahlstrom has become a member of FGI Training’s Elite club, after she was awarded 100% in her recent Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) exams.

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Why the West sells gold and China buys it.

A number of readers and bloggers have recently suggested there must be collusion between America and China over the transfer of physical gold from Western capital markets.

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The Outlook for 2014 by James Turk

Before looking at the year ahead, it is useful to look back at the year just passed. This adage is particularly true now because little has changed.

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Passive commodity funds rebalancing

Gold and silver prices fell from early highs this week of over $1240 and $20.20 respectively to find good support at $1220 and $19.40.

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GoldMoney Market Report

It has been a difficult week for the precious markets as gold dropped by 3.2% and silver by 3.9% which means that gold and silver are now back to price levels last seen in July and August respectively.

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