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The Daily Nugget – Gold unimpressed by Fed

Gold price below $1,700? But the Fed have just doubled QE, isn’t gold supposed to go up?

Daily Nugget – gold investment in India picks up

Today it appears as though the gold price is going to remain in Christmas Sale mode as it looks to finish today on its second week of decline.

The Daily Nugget – gold investment watches fiscal cliff

This morning gold has made a small advance thanks to a slightly stronger Euro.

Why we should ignore the gold price charts

New research from The Real Asset Company shows that when it comes to gold, everyone’s been looking at the wrong data.

The Daily Nugget – Brits screwed by inflation should invest in gold

This has been an excellent week, not only for the gold price which is set to make a weekly gain but also for The Real Asset Company where we have seen increasing interest in our Singapore vault since its launch last week.

The Daily Nugget – China picks up and the gold price does too

This morning gold is at a three-week high, and may possibly make its first weekly gain for four weeks, by the end of the day.

Vote Obama to help the gold price!

A study on US Presidents and Gold from the Real Asset Co… Why voting Obama will mean higher gold prices Who will you vote for next week? Romney or Obama? Democrat or Republican? It’s not a great choice, we admit, but someone will have to win and one sure thing is it will either be … Continue reading “Vote Obama to help the gold price!”

Why should I Buy Britain’s Gold Back?

This month, The Real Asset Company announced the launch of a new campaign to Buy Britain’s Gold Back.

Is the world ready for gold Turkey?

Since the beginning of the year we have seen increasing levels of interest in Turkey’s gold market.

Buy Britain’s Gold Back

Great Britain was once the proud leader of the Classical Gold Standard.

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