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Gold and Silver: Sentiment Reversal is Inevitable

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The usefulness of sentiment’s stealth crystal ball is about to be revealed to the litany of unsuspecting precious metal bears and skeptics who have convinced themselves that gold’s bull market is either over or, at the minimum, in need of lengthy ongoing retesting, restructuring and consolidation.

Gold: Struttin’ with Attitude

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There goes gold again, doing something today it has only been able to do 8 other times in its entire bull market beginning in 2001.

Fibonacci Gold

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This article will examine the current up leg in gold price that originated in October 2008, present a study of the Fibonacci relationships of this price movement that are evident both in terms of price and time, and offer a projection of future price movement within the time frame suggested by the evidence.

An Exquisite Recipe (for a Price Disaster)

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I was chatting on the phone earlier this weekend with one of my readers about the shocking drop in the price of gold earlier this past week. We agreed that the mini-crash seemed to be the result of a well coordinated effort by some powerful bullion banks who, incidentally, are notorious for shorting gold.

SP-500, GLD and GDX – Sentiment Trumps Everything

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Markets rise when the preponderance of participants are buyers, and fall when the preponderance of participants are sellers. One of the key ways to anticipate the pendulum swings of participant behavior, and therefore price behavior, is to evaluate sentiment. Sentiment, more than fundamentals or technical analysis, trumps everything. When too many players are on the … Continue reading “SP-500, GLD and GDX – Sentiment Trumps Everything”

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