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Breaking Down The Charts: Gold and Silver

Here’s the monthly gold Comex chart. In my previous technical analysis in June, I made a few comments on how gold was to break the $1,300 level and climb to $1,500. I still believe that will happen before the end of the year. Keep in mind that it is hard to interpret the charts when … Continue reading

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Breaking Down the Chart: Gold and Silver

It is time for another monthly update on the gold and silver chart. Previously, I stated that gold broke the 1,227 resistance and it is now clear for an uptrend until it hit 1,500. Instead, the chart forms another resistance level at 1,250 per ounce. It made three attempt to break the resistance, but it … Continue reading

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Breaking Down The Chart: Silver (May 19th)

Here’s the chart for the poor man’s gold, which is silver. I’m sure all the silver investors are disgusted on how the price of silver is reacting this week. It was at 19.80 last week and it was only 20 cents away from breaking the second hurdle at 20 dollars. When this week started, Hell … Continue reading

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