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Gold Mining Stocks on Verge of Breaking Out!

The long-term story for a gold and a gold mining stocks bull market is clear and easy to grasp: Dubious monetary policy and irresponsible fiscal policy with government debt rising all over the world are a surefire recipe for a surging demand in gold. Toss in stagnant or even declining supply, and you have all … Continue reading

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British Pound in for a Sharp Fall?

Bryan Rich

In my December 26 Money and Markets column I focused on the outlook for 2010, and the looming threats to global risk appetite. I warned that sovereign debt problems posed a major threat to global economic recovery. And I concluded that this threat represented a catalyst for a return of global risk aversion…..

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Bond Market Verdict: Treasuries Riskier Than Toilet Paper!

by Mike Larson 03-26-10 I have a lot of respect for Warren Buffett. As Nilus has noted before, he’s one of the world’s best long-term investors. He has a knack for buying low and selling high. And his Berkshire Hathaway holding company has been a great multi-year performer for investors. It has amassed stakes in … Continue reading

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IMF Doubles Inflation Target!

I grew up in Germany, a country that went through hyperinflation twice during the 20th Century. Maybe that’s the reason I learned inflation is bad and inflationary policies are diabolic….

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Debt Auctions Bombing … China Heading for the Hills … Higher Rates Dead Ahead!

Now, the very latest data suggests the day of reckoning is fast approaching. This is no longer some theoretical, potential future event. It’s a crisis that could strike with deadly force at virtually any time. You simply must consider taking action to protect yourself and profit before it’s too late!

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Red Alert: Next Debt Crisis is Near

…In a debt crisis, Washington, Wall Street and European governments still seem to think that the only way to “restore investor confidence” is to pump in massive amounts of rescue capital, bail out the sinking ships, and plug the biggest leaks in the system…..

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Win-Win Scenario for the Dollar

… there are four catalysts at work that are projecting another leg of safe-haven demand for dollars — and potential crisis for other currencies…..

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The Next Contagion (US TBonds)

The president has proposed a freeze on some domestic spending, but the freeze will impact only a small portion of the budget, would not kick in until next year, and would include a mix of spending cuts and spending increases. It would have zero impact on the 2010 deficit and little impact on future deficits.

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Advance warning: Danger of bond market collapse!

The price decline in 30-year Treasury-bond prices has been even more dramatic: An historic 27-point plunge from 142.62 on December 19, 2008, to 115.67 on June 18, 2009 … followed by a feeble recovery … and now, as with Treasury notes, a new, ominous price decline and surge in yields.

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