A Clear Understanding of Hyperinflation, Money Demand & the “Crack-Up Boom”

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Hyperinflation is perhaps the darkest side of a government fiat money regime. Among mainstream economists, hyperinflation typically denotes a period of exceptionally strong increases in overall prices of goods and services, thus denoting a period of exceptionally strong erosions in the exchange value of money…..

Gold is Not Going Parabolic Yet….

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For a variety of reasons I am almost certain our on-going gold bull is nowhere close to Stage Three yet. Gold isn’t going parabolic anytime soon, so if you are planning on retiring in 2010 from this years’ gold gains I suspect you’ll be sorely disappointed…..

James Turk: Silver to Reach $44 in 2010

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Let me cut to the chase as to how I expect 2010 to unfold: a) the decline in the US dollar will put the economy on the edge of hyperinflation, b) the gold/silver ratio will drop to 45 and, if gold hits $2000 as I expect, then silver will be….

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