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The H-Word is Back in Gold

Hedging. The term had become somewhat of a dirty word in the gold business. With producers having spent the last decade attempting to reduce their hedge positions. In order to gain exposure to a rising gold price. But it appears the tables have now turned. Gold prices have moved down rather than up. And so a … Continue reading

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The Zinc Index Turns Bullish

Zinc seems to be getting a mention everywhere these days. I talked last week about how analysts Wood Mackenzie have said zinc will be the star of the base metals complex over the next few years….

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A Signal that Gold prices are too low?

Low gold prices are starting to cure low gold prices it appears. The first signs of meaningful production cuts for the industry emerged this week, in Ghana. Ben Aryee, head of the state Minerals Commission, told reporters that Ghana’s gold output may drop as much as 18% this year. Aryee reported that the nation’s production … Continue reading

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