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Where Next for Gold?

So far in 2010, all eyes in the gold market have been looking up at $1225 wondering whether gold get back to that all time high?  Now that question has been answered yet another arises, where next for gold? Our answer to that question is that we believe this rally still has gas in the … Continue reading

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Optimizing Your Gold Investment Vehicle

By Sam Kirtley There are many different investment vehicles one can use to invest in gold. The key aspects that we as investors and traders look for are the vehicles relationship and correlation with gold prices, and how much that correlation is or isn’t leveraged to the gold price. More leverage is not always the … Continue reading

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Gold Options: Enhanced Leverage, Managed Risk

On the 8th of December 2009, we wrote an article exposing what we thought was an excellent opportunity for option traders. Gold was correcting from its end of year rally to $1225 and many believed that the yellow metal was heading back to three figures. However we disagreed and suggested a risky but potentially more … Continue reading

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