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Gold Technicals vs Gold Parabola! –Stewart Thomson

1. The GPP (Gold Price Parabola) is overshadowed only by the GVP (Gold Volatility Parabola) A HSR band (horizontal support and resistance band) is not a top or bottom turn calling point. A turn might occur there, but that’s of minor importance. The more significant the HSR band is, the greater the amount of supply … Continue reading

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Gold Price and Volatility Parabola

Let’s get right to business. Here’s the gold juniors chart, via the GDXJ.  I’ve highlighted the key HSR levels in blue.  After hitting my “enhanced selling” HSR $29 area, most of you are back in refill mode now. Click here now to view the enhanced buy zones, current and prospective: GDXJ Daily Chart The one … Continue reading

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On the Gold Field: Stay with the Ball

1.   Nouriel Roubini is back!  So are a boatload of other top economists, all horrified as they watch what they term “the tip of the iceberg”. The Euro crisis has deepened into a catastrophic mess, one that has just started.  While it all looks hopeless, I want to remind you that the “banksters” continue to … Continue reading

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