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In Search of Silver

In this article about the silver price, Will Bancroft takes a look at what the last year has delivered for silver investors, and what the future of silver investment might hold. Read on for more on what Professor Roy Jastram called “the restless metal”. Silver has been its normal restless self this last year, but … Continue reading

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A Bible for the Gold Market?

Will Bancroft takes a look at another financial book that we feel is of great relevance to investors today. In this review he takes a look at a book that has inspired reams of legendary gold investors; ‘Gold Wars’. In our book reviews section we often feature the best financial books for our readers, but today’s review … Continue reading

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Bernanke Dogma

Will Bancroft takes a look at central banking, its intellectual foundations, and its most powerful agents today. What does it all mean for investors? We take a good look at the Bernanke Fed and the cartel of central banks, and wonder whether we are being well lead by our financial captains. Read on to learn more and see how these issues are linked to the gold price.

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