Events in Iraq Waking Commodities Up?

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Chart 1: US moves aircraft carrier to Gulf. Are military airstrikes coming?   Source: The Guardian Markets have been quite complacent as of late, seen by incredibly low volatility across all asset classes (chart here and here). However, volatility could now start picking up with potential crisis flaring up in the Middle East. The Guardian yesterday reported recent US developments towards the Iraq Crisis. … Continue reading “Events in Iraq Waking Commodities Up?”

Metals Could Surprise Investors

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Tiho Brkan takes a look at individual metals and concludes that Zinc & Silver especially could follow Nickel to the upside…

Inflation is a Contrarian Bet

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Deflation is the consensus but inflation is the contrarian bet and breaking to the upside…

Three Essentials to Look for in Junior Mining Equities: Derek Macpherson

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TICKERS: ATY; ATCMF, CXO, GRV, KDX; KLNDF, MGP, TME; TQ1, TMM; TGD, TV; TREVF Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (10/21/13) Underappreciated companies and companies with management teams that have disappointed in the past can be opportunities to buy, not sell, says Derek Macpherson of M Partners. Don’t be dazzled by flashy drill results, he advises. … Continue reading “Three Essentials to Look for in Junior Mining Equities: Derek Macpherson”

TWIM 1b: Tiho Brkan on Commodities

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  Tiho Brkan, author of the Short Side of Long and a fund manager based in Australia speaks to us about Commodities. He covers commodity sentiment, agriculture and precious metals.  

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