10-Bagger Podcast

There are Future 10-Baggers in the Uranium Sector

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Justin Huhn, the UraniumInsider (UraniumInsider.com & @UraniumInsider) tells us why we should not forget this sector, why the long-term fundamentals are bullish and when the trend may turn up for good.  Click Here for Info on TheDailyGold Premium

These Stocks Can Be 10-Baggers at $2500 Gold

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Don Durrett, goldstockdata.com is very knowledgable about the entire spectrum of gold and junior gold stocks. In seeking out 10-baggers, he favors development stories that “look like” optionality plays. He shares more than a handful of potential 10-baggers should Gold reach $2500/oz.

$5-$10 Million Companies Can Easily Become $50 Million

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Tommy Humphries, founder of CEO.CA, one of Canada’s largest stock market communities grew up around the business and has a wealth of experience in the capital markets. He shares his insight as well as a few potential 10-baggers. 

Gwen Preston’s Strategies on Finding Potential 10-Baggers

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Gwen Preston discusses the characteristics of 10-baggers with a focus on discovery plays but also considers juniors at other stages. She also offers several companies to consider.  Gwen’s Website & Gwen’s Twitter

David Erfle Focuses on Developer Optionality Plays for 10-Baggers

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David Erfle, editor of the Junior Miner Junky newsletter focuses on oversold, deep value developer type of companies and their ability to be 10-baggers in a metals bull market. He discusses a few of his 10-baggers and also a few stocks he sold or didn’t buy which became 10-baggers.  Find 10-Baggers Here

Introducing the 10-Bagger Podcast

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Nick Germain, the Mining Book Guy, joins us on our inaugural edition of this podcast, to discuss how to find 10-baggers and where he personally looks to find them. He also shares a company he thinks has 10-bagger potential.  Be sure to do your own research. This is for informational and educational purposes only.

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