TheDailyGold Podcast

TheDailyGold Podcast

TheDailyGold Podcast is hosted by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA. Our coverage focuses on the precious metals sector, the junior mining industry, global capital markets and the global macroeconomic world that impacts said markets and industries. Our guests are top industry analysts and experts in the form of analysts, newsletter writers and fund managers. If you like what you hear, please take a minute to leave a review on iTunes.

Sandspring Resources Advancing its 6.9M oz Au Toroparu project in Guyana

Sandspring Resources founder and CEO Rich Munson discusses the company’s goals this year and the financial backing of Silver Wheaton and Frank Giustra. The company is a paid sponsor and as of the date of recording we own the stock.    

Jeff Kern’s SkiGoldStocks Trading System is Saying…

We interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Kern on Thursday…

Dan Norcini Analyzes Gold Market

Interview with Dan Norcini…

Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend Comments on Oil & Gold

Hedge Fund Manager with Fourth Turning Capital, Erik Townsend analyzes the Oil market and when it could bottom. He also comments on Gold.  

Economist Worth Wray on Potential China Renminbi Induced Shock

Worth Wray, chief economist with Evergreen GaveKal discusses China’s current economic problems and the potential for a Renminbi induced shock to global markets and the implications for stocks, bonds, commodities and gold.    

Greg Weldon Comments on Gold, Stocks & Currencies

We interviewed Greg Weldon on Friday…. Greg’s Website  

Greg Weldon Comments on Stocks, Bonds, Fed Policy & Gold

Greg Weldon comments on recent market developments….

Tiho Brkan Comments on Gold, Silver & Gold Stocks

Hong Kong fund manager Tiho Brkan has understood this bear market in precious metals as well as anyone else I’m aware of. That is why we interview him regularly. Listen below for his latest insights..  

TheDailyGold Weekend Podcast #3

Interview with David Morgan….

TheDailyGold Weekend Podcast #2

Interviews with Greg Weldon & Jesse Felder….

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