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Video: Gold Volatility Now in Position for Gold Breakout

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Periods of low volatility will eventually lead to periods of high or increasing volatility. In other words, periods of low volatility will precede major breakout moves. After an 18-month correction, Gold’s volatility, as measured by various indicators, has turned up from very low levels. Unlike the recent past, Gold’s volatility now puts it in position … Continue reading “Video: Gold Volatility Now in Position for Gold Breakout”

Video: Breakaway Gaps in Gold, Silver, Miners Confirmed

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Gold, Silver, and gold stocks formed breakaway gaps on Tuesday. With the strong close today, it is highly likely breakaway gaps have been confirmed. In this video I educate a bit on breakaway gaps and then discus the short-term outlook for Gold, Silver, and gold stocks. Click Here to Learn About TheDailyGold Premium  

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