Video Update

Gold COT Analysis

Analysis of the recent COT report…

Precious Metals Video Market Update

In this update we focus on the gold stocks and Silver.

Precious Metals Video Market Update

A review of the precious metals market and commentary on a potential fundamental catalyst…  

Video Market Update (15 mins)

This video focuses on inflation, commodities, commodity stocks and Gold and gold stocks….

Commodities, US Dollar, Juniors Video Update

In this video we look at the CCI, US$ index, Canada’s Venture Index and an analog for the gold stocks….    

Commodities, S&P 500 & Gold Stocks Video Update

The CCI is at a two and a half month high & gold stocks have rebounded while US equities show weakness….

Precious Metals Video Update

This video looks at the historical bear markets (together in analog form) for Gold, Silver & the gold stocks. The charts in the video will give you a visual comparison between today’s bear market and those in the past. Plenty more of this type of analysis and chart can be found in our premium service. … Continue reading “Precious Metals Video Update”

Gold Stocks Video Update

A quick video and quick look at the gold stocks. Where do they stand and what is the outlook going forward? It’s discussed in the video….    

Gold & Silver Video Update

In this very brief video we share a few charts and provide a few comments on the current state of Gold & Silver.    

Video: Be on Alert for Big Rebound in Gold Stocks

We speak with Cambridge House and discuss our reasoning for seeing potential for a big rebound….  

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