Free Gold/Silver Webinar!

My publishers and I will be hosting a CME-Sponsored Webinar. It is free and you can signup here.


Here is a final list of the webinar outline:

Part I: History & Background
Gold is Money
Silver is Money
Gold/Silver Ratio
Current Monetary System

Part II: Today’s Gold Market
Gold Historical Price
Silver Historical Price
US Gold Production
Gold Demand: Where it comes from?
Silver Production
Silver Inventories
Silver Uses & Demand
Silver Sources

Part III: Macro Driving Forces
‘Flations’ Explaind

Part IV: Gold Companies
Types of Companies
Life Cycle of a Mining Company
Long-Term Industry Difficulties
Simple Gold Stock Fundamentals
Company Fundamentals
Huge Potential

Part V: Trading & Investing
Futures Analysis

Seasonals, COT & Public Opinion Polls

Technical Trends

Risks & Expectations 2010-2011

Hope to see you there!