Gold Has Been A Terrible Investment?

How many of you hear these financial advisor morons get on CNBC and discuss what a lousy investment has been over the years?  What?  Oh, it doesn’t pay interest?  Junk bonds paid tremendous interest all thru the 1980’s and then the market crashed hard.  99% of the world lost substantially more in capital loss than they earned from the coupon payments.  If you chart U.S. Treasury Bills since 1991, adjusted for inflation, that interest-bearing investment is actually negative.  How many your genius registered reps have you sitting in T-Bills?  Well, here’s how this “lousy” investment has done since 1970 – I borrowed this chart from Casey’s Reasearch, the edit in red is mine:

The next time your ignorant, idiotic “financial advisor” calls you up to tell you what a lousy investment gold is and what a great opportunity is being presented in the muni bond and mortgage-backed bond market, YOU are the idiot if you don’t hang up the phone and find an advisor who knows the facts/truth.
If I find more inspiring material to post I will do so, otherwise I’m off to do some back-country sno-cat skiing tomorrow.  Have a great Christmas/Boxing Day/Holiday weekend!   BUON NATALE A TUTTI!

Source: Gold Has Been A Terrible Investment?