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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
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Here is our last editorial (written yesterday):

The Potential for Gold Stocks in 2013-2014

The gold stocks are historically cheap and if margins expand in the coming year or two then valuations will certainly expand. We had similar valuations in 2000 and 2008 and those were the two best buying opportunities in this bull market. Production growth times margin expansion equates to much greater cash flow and profits. Valuations and earnings (or in the case of miners, cash flow) are what drive share prices. Cash flow is determined by margins and production.


Greg Weldon’s Macro-Analysis and the Effects on Gold

The Daily Gold Interviewed by Wall Street Window. 

Friday we spoke with Greg Weldon, and the interview lasted nearly 30 minutes due to a series of follow-up questions. Greg is one of the best analysts out there. His research is expensive but you can try it for 30 days. His work is very macro-intensive so its very suitable for those who want expert analysis on China, Europe, the Fed, etc.

Also, yesterday I was interviewed by Mike Swanson of WallStreetWindow. I discuss the outlook for Gold Stocks, sentiment in the sector, potential catalysts and current valuations.

Company News…

Argonaut Gold Produces 24K oz Au in Q2

Corvus Gold Begins Phase 2 Drill Program

Huldra Silver Completes Airborne Survey of Treasure Mountain

Great news from Argonaut while Corvus continues to aggressively but methodically develop its North Bullfrog deposit in Nevada. Huldra is an exciting young story and we eaglery await more developments as the company inches closer and closer to production.

Premium Snippet…

In our latest update we looked at four of our favorite exploration companies. We’ve been aiming to construct a top 5 but it is difficult as there are hundreds upon hundreds of companies out there and many with flaws. We hope to expand upon this report in the future. We should let you know that there is a clear #1 exploration company (in our view) along with two others that have been beaten down but are trading at very intriguing levels and have 5-fold potential and more. Even though it could be a while before exploration companies catch fire, the reality is presently some are trading near levels which are not sustainable.

Consider a subscription to our premium newsletter. It’s less than $1/day. The cyclical bear market is nearing an end and we believe we have identified the companies poised for big rebounds (when the sector bottoms) and poised for significant gains in 2013-2014. For $0.83/day you get guidance from a professional. You get our top picks, intensive coverage of Gold & Silver, our global coverage and more!  

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