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Thursday, July 26, 2012
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We are 12-13 years into this bull market. With most bull markets averaging 16-18 years in duration, that means we are likely 2/3 or perhaps 3/4 through this bull market. Most of the gains in a bull market come at the end of the bull market. We discuss the how and why a bubble in Gold and resources could develop in the coming years.

Anatomy of Future Gold & Silver Bubble


Corvus Gold updates on North Bullfrog & Alaska Projects

Dave Skarica is bullish on Gold Stocks & European Stocks

Tiho Brkan Comments on Global Markets & Commodities

Jeff Pontius, founder and CEO of Corvus Gold discusses the company’s progress in Nevada and also their partner-funded operations in Alaska. Meanwhile, Dave Skarica feels markets could be headed lower but eventually buying the bottom in Europe could prove to be a spectacular contrarian trade. In his newsletter, he covers specific European blue chip company’s that he’s looking to buy in the coming months. And Tiho Brkan, a successful fund manager gives his opinion on markets and how he’s positioning his fund. Tiho also discusses Silver, the COT structure and the current high inventories of Silver but why this is actually bullish. Great analysis from Tiho on Silver and how the COT works.

Company News…

Corvus Gold Drills 72M @ 1.4 g/t Au & 3.5 g/t Au-eq

First Majestic produces 2.1M oz Ag-eq in Q2

Argonaut Gold produces 24K oz Au in Q2

Jeff Pontius discusses Corvus’ results in the podcast. Summer is a slow period for news so we wanted to repost Argonaut & First Majestic’s production releases in case you missed them.

Premium Snippet…

Over the weekend, we updated subscribers on the prognosis of global markets, which are trading below long-term moving averages which are sloping downward. Simply put, if you are invested in equities or global equities than you cannot ignore this information whether you get it from us or another seasoned analyst. 

Yesterday we produced a timing update which focused on Gold and some global equities. We also brought the decoupling theory into question. There have been some instances (at least once in the 1930s, 1970s and 2000s) in which precious metals have performed very well with the stock market not in a cyclical bull market. In 2007-2008, precious metals were at a high along with commodities and global equities. Bonds and the US$ were unloved. We all know what happened. Yet, heading into this recession (beit mild or not), Bonds are potentially going parabolic while the S&P 500 is near multi-year highs but precious metals have corrected for 11-18 months (depending on the specific market). We concluded how we plan to position our portfolio for what is ahead. 

Consider a subscription to our premium newsletter. It’s less than $1/day. The cyclical bear market is nearing an end and we believe we have identified the companies poised for big rebounds (when the sector bottoms) and poised for significant gains in 2013-2014. For $0.83/day you get guidance from a professional. You get our top picks, intensive coverage of Gold & Silver, our global coverage and more!  

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