Gold Technicals vs Gold Parabola! –Stewart Thomson

1. The GPP (Gold Price Parabola) is overshadowed only by the GVP (Gold Volatility Parabola) A HSR band (horizontal support and resistance band) is not a top or bottom turn calling point. A turn might occur there, but that’s of minor importance. The more significant the HSR band is, the greater the amount of supply and demand that is going to occur there. Gold 1225 is a hugely significant point, and, horrifically, only JP Morgan has noted the “ultimate significance” of price rising above there.
2. The 1225 area is a now a key demand point. That does NOT mean YOUR tactics are to “sell it all now, so I buy it all back cheaper at 1225”. That’s a clown act. 1225 is simply an area where additional capital should be allocated. Price can move all around the 1225 zone. It’s a band of demand, not a guaranteed free money point of reversal. The gold bears are being left in the dust as the Gold Parabola takes shape, takes action.
3. If we go above 1250, that 1250 marker itself becomes the new demand line, if price pulls back there. It’s a small point, so your capital allocations really wouldn’t be tweaked much there.
4. You are likely never going to see your buys filled at all your buy points, nor is price going to pull back to every HSR point, or rise to it. That’s irrelevant to making money.
5. Click here now to view my morning Gold Gridlines Video Update: Graceland Morning Gold Gridlines Report
6. Silver: While there is SOME HSR between 21.50 and $50, it’s not very big until $50, and you need to keep in mind there is nothing but outer space above gold bullion’s CURRENT PRICE.
7. Silver is like a call option on gold. With no expiry date.
8. Silver land is focused on $21 as the next target. WRONG. $21 is an HSR partial profit booking point, and a pgen profit booking point. It’s not a “target”. The TARGET is $28-33 (maybe $37) for THIS LEG if we cross $21.46, and the fact that we’ve already taken out the $19.50 area HSR highs augers very strongly that we’re now gearing up for an assault on the $21 area.
9. Remember when I told you as gold rose up into 980 that the bull continuation pattern had a high probability of kicking in. That’s what exists on the silver chart; a bull h&s continuation pattern. Is it as good as gold’s was? No. I termed the gold pattern “Michaelangelic”.
10. Remember, however, that silver stages its big action in the later stage of a move. The gold community is thinking TOO SMALL. They are looking at $2-4 moves in silver. That’s not correct here, in my view. The gold h&s pattern is ruling the markets, and if GOLD is headed towards $1400 as a target, it makes sense that silver could stage a massively bigger “slingshot” move.
11. The fact that the silver head and shoulders comes AFTER the gold h&s in TIME fits PERFECTLY with the GOLD PARABOLA THEME. Here’s a video report I just did on the silver bull consolidation pattern:
12. Again, because silver is like a call option, you don’t need much, and most silver investors will be wiped out when it crashes later. My strongest suggestion to manage your greed is to sell silver into periods where it outperforms gold, not for dollars, but swap it for GOLD.
13. You remain IN the game, but you aren’t a shooting silver star that explodes. Here’s the afternoon silver update:
14. Silver Afternoon Update May 14
15. The gold daily chart and the weekly chart have entered overbought status as you’ve engaged in cash register mayhem
16. The LOOK of the gold weekly PRICE chart is PHENOMENAL. I’m in absolute agreement with JP Morgan that the rise over 1225 has ushered in UNLIMITED DEMAND for gold and fits with my steadfast view that this is not just the TIME for gold. It is the gold ERA.
17. For the gold price to do all the bears want it to do, although anything is possible in any market…gold now has MASSIVE support. Picture a wall that in 120 FEET thick. The price WALL between the 1045 selling climax and 1156 is about $120 THICK. It would take an enormous amount of selling to pierce that, and even then, you almost IMMEDIATELY arrive at the massive weekly head and shoulders pattern that offers an even bigger WALL OF DEMAND, between 860 and 1033.
18. You have asked for gold protection. Your greatest protection is the massive walls of DEMAND that sit directly below you on the gold BATTLEFIELD. That head and shoulders is BUILT with Chinese physical buying. Here’s a follow up to this morning’s gold update, and you can see the consistency of action. There is no, “oh no, look what happened, it went down, now it’s a sell”. We sold into strength early this morning, and now are back on the buy. End of Story. Graceland Afternoon Gold Update.
19. The GVP (gold volatility parabola) is heating up fast. Notice the thousands of contracts of comex gold unloaded in terror by the funds and retail clients. Do what it takes to stay mentally strong. The “Gold Sewing Machine” will be in action more and more frequently, driving price down and blasting out the fund stoplosses. The banksters made a fortune, just in the 1215-1250 zone!
20. Am I sitting on a pile of cash? Yes. Have I sold gold items into this strength? Yes. Am I worried about gold descending to lower DEMAND bands? No. I’m maniacally obsessed that all my BUY ORDERS are in there so I don’t miss a single BUY whenever the next bout of price weakness.
21. This is the year of the gold punisher. YOU are on the AGGRESSIVE. Look below you at MASSIVE nuclear-sized HSR forces lined up on the gold price gridlines. Think offensively, not defensively, because the Gold Punisher IS on the offensive. Thinking “buy weakness” is not necessarily thinking defensively. It’s a subtle but key point, one you’ll need to understand, as we enter the Gold Parabola….
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