“Gold Wealth Tactics: India vs USA” – Stewart Thomson

Feb 1, 2011

  1. Into the month of “Feb”, here we go.  Towards month 4 of getting richer, here you go.
  2. “Pardon me?  Stewart, get real.  I’m not getting any richer.  Gold stocks are down big time since October!  My bullion is way off the $1387 highs, never mind the highs of $1430! ”    – You, Feb 1, 2011?
  3. In one corner, of your boxing ring, stands the Western investor.  He’s pretty tough.  He clenches his fists ready to fight.  Well, ok, he doesn’t clench a fist.  He clenches a photocopier and a calculator.
  4. The Western investor fighter has gold.  But all he thinks about is pricing that gold, over and over, and over and over again, in…. dollars.
  5. In the other corner stands the Indian man.  The investor from India doesn’t think he got richer over the past 4 months.
  6. He knows he got richer.  He knows he got richer because he has more gold now than he did 4 months ago.  In his corner, he clenches his weapon of choice.
  7. The scale.  The Indian is 100% prepared not just to fight, but 100% prepared for victory.  What about you?
  8. Wealth is weight.  No man or woman has increased wealth by valuing a fixed amount of gold over and over again in paper currency.  I’m not here to not watch Team India take you apart, like a tank takes out a kid with a water gun, as entertaining as that may be.  I’m here to make you… richer.  Let’s do it.  The Western investor, the Western man, has a long road to haul, to achieve what the Indian man has achieved as a permanent mindset in the wealth-building arena.  Maybe it takes you a day, maybe a month, maybe a year, or just maybe it takes thousands of years, which is the consistent time that the Indian wealth-builder has put in on this all-critical job.  My suggestion: Let’s start the job, with ounce number one, today.
  9. All things must pass.  The US dollar is a broken entity.  I hear non-stop analysis of why the US dollar will collapse against gold, or at least fall hard.  I agree, but no wealth for you is built by bragging how a fixed amount of gold is punishing and beating the US dollar into the ground.  It’s almost the case of the bully beating on the child.  The gold punisher will eventually destroy the dollar, but bragging about existing beat-downs and coming golden beat-downs on the dollar won’t make you any richer.  Just a bully.  The dollar is a child holding a photocopier.  Gold is a man holding a machine gun.
  10. Measure your wealth in the currency of men, ounces, not the currency of delinquent kiddies with  toybox measuring kits, dollars.
  11. Embrace the word, “real”, or embrace wealth destruction.  Let’s apply that word, “real”, here and now, to make you richer:  The choice is really…yours.  Growing your real wealth in ounces, versus living an emotional death ride of marked to USD toilet paper currency model, is your key to gold market victory.  Indian investors really got richer over the past 4 months, and they really know it.  Most important, they are really happy about it.  Now you know the real job you really have, to really be happy in the real gold market.  The job is really required because you are really in a real fight ring with a real Indian opponent.  I would suggest you really start fighting.  Really drop the photocopier water gun as your real weapon of choice, and really get into the scale (tank) and really open fire.  Or really lose against that very real Indian, by very real… knockout.
  12. I’ll make you richer in gold.  First, I want to build you some wealth in one of gold’s “buddies”, Uranium.  This mighty asset dropped one of many nuclear bombs to come, on the US dollar yesterday.  I admit that a toilet paper photocopier versus a nuclear bomb may not be a fair fight.  Still, which side of the fight you are on, in terms of market action, is probably the only question that needs resolving.  Let’s resolve that key issue today.  Click here now to view my Uranium Triple Play Chart. Those of you with “thunder-cash” from your businesses can be absolutely confident buying Uranium every 10 cents down, every 5 cents down, or even every 1 cent down.  All the way to zero.  I have drawn in the 3 current key areas of play (battle).  This is the Uranium fund run by Denison Mines Inc., US market traded, and as of the last NAV posting from the company on Dec 31, there was almost no premium in the pricing over the cash price of Uranium.
  13. It is more likely paper money that is going to zero against Uranium, than Uranium against paper, but I’ll maintain my professionalism and manage that risk on the Uranium side of things for you anyways.  How?  By urging you to prepare now, to set aside risk capital to buy Uranium at much lower prices, if they occur.  With all major assets, your risk in them drops as price drops, a fact that few investors understand.  Shortages develop and production implodes, and price rises again as a result.  You mission is not to guess when production or price is going to move, but to respond as it moves, professionally.
  14. I’ve made solid money in Uranium.  If you look at my actions compared to my competitors, I might talk more forcefully.   I might ridicule financial advisors, and call them “golf ball advisors”.  This is true, but the “golf ball advisors” have a very high understanding of what assets are, whereas most technicians have a very low understanding of what an asset is.  The problem, for both, is they are on their knees in front of Ben Bernanke’s electronic photocopier machine, instead of standing side by side with the Indian master investor at the scale.  That pathetic action destroys most of the positives they bring to the market with their respective understanding of assets and charts.  In the Uranium market, there are two sides to the trade, and those who forget that reality for even a short period of time risk blowing up.  When you sell Uranium, you want to ask yourself if the dollar is a buy against Uranium, or a buy against anything, as you prepare to sell Uranium.  Why?  Because a sell on Uranium is a buy on the dollar.  The dollar is an asset, and it goes into play when you sell Uranium for dollars.  Those dollars are immediately moving in price against Uranium and against other major assets.  When you come back into Uranium, or another asset, you want to be booking a profit on those dollars.  Make that an obsession.
  15. Do not treat the dollar asset lightly.  It is not money.  If the Gman says jump, do you say, “how high?”.  Just because the Gman follows the banksters’ instructions and creates a photocopier and then calls the toilet paper coming out of it money, instead of calling it an asset that is currency, does that make what the Gman says real?  No!
  16. The US dollar (and all paper currency) is an asset, and an asset in play, if it is in your hands.  I’m not interested in seeing you book losses on any market action, including the dollar asset.  If you sold Uranium yesterday for dollars, you just entered a new position on dollars trade.  Look around you, hard, at other major assets.  From the time you got those dollars, are your dollars rising against those other assets?
  17. If your dollars are rising, then you are by definition booking profit on dollars as you next enter a new asset.  Think like a winner on both sides of all trades, but don’t fall into the bankster propaganda trap that dollars are money, not with your market actions.  Dollars are assets and currency, not money.  If you are booking losses 50% of the time on dollars when you sell them for another asset, how can you seriously expect to be a lifetime winner in the market?  Those who bought stocks in the late 1990s from the banksters booked huge losses on dollars as they bought stock, but don’t know it.  Look back at your major asset plays.  You will find massive loss booking on dollars as you “entered the new play”.  Kill that behaviour now.  Think and act in the market as a winner.  All the time.  Not just some of the time, like when gold makes a new high, and team price chaser sends you their latest “juniors to Mars any day now” wiener report.  Juniors to Mars, maybe.  But are you booking a profit or loss on your dollars as you buy those juniors?  Take care of today, first, by booking a profit on whatever it is you are selling, because tomorrow…never comes.
  18. Last week was about booking profit on dollars as you entered the gold trade on weakness, or should have been.  My accounts surged to new highs in ounces, and yesterday to new highs in dollars.  Why are my accounts at new highs in both ounces and dollars, while my competitors are exploring the bottom of the financial mariana trench with a red lead anchor tied around their neck, in most cases?
  19. Three reasons.  First, I don’t pick bottoms or tops; I buy weakness and sell strength and do it in a pyramid formation with a myriad of buys and sells, diversifying over price before anything else.  Second, I understand what an asset is.  Natural Gas isn’t going off the board, but those who are manically obsessed with measuring their gas only in dollars, may well go off the board themselves.  Third, I understand the other side of most trades is dollars, and dollars are an asset and currency, not money.  Dollars aren’t money any more than Corn is, and arguably less so.  I look to book profit on dollars from the point I get them, when I sell them, and I just did last week in gold currency.
  20. OK, let’s roll with the gold ounces of wealth building show.  The ultimate wealth.  Here’s the Gold H&S Bottom Chart. Gold is poised to blast higher against the dollar, probably above $1350.  My next sell gold/buy dollars points sit at $1345 at $1355, and my buys extend down from $1325 to $1275, for this pgen (pyramid of buys) buy program for bullion, which is also a profit-booking sell program for dollars.  Again, stay focused on both sides of the trade, if you have a dislike for sitting in frying pans, which I do.
  21. There is actually a double left shoulder on this h&s pattern, if you look at the left shoulder area.  Price could drift down to the right shoulder lows or just blast higher from this area.  That is the likely scenario, and a lot of leveraged speculators have recently shorted gold, which makes a loss-booking extravaganza by those price chasers very likely.  Obviously, all is possible, and while the daily charts of gold vs dollar clearly favour gold, the longer term charts are less clear about whether a rally from here is the start of a new leg of up, or just a $100 or so move up that will be sold heavily by institutional money managers who are intermediate term gold-negative, as they believe QE is ending/attempted to be ended/pretended to be ended.
  22. Here’s a look at the Weekly Bond Chart. Notice the short term Stochastics indicator flat lining.  This type of action happens when an asset “should rally”, but doesn’t.  MACD fans should remember what happened to them when the US dollar gave a massive buy signal for the US dollar back around 2004 against Gold, and instead of rising, the dollar drastically accelerated its downtrend, wiping out team USD bottom caller.
  23. You won’t build wealth by over-focusing on the long term charts being overbought technically in a major asset.  You can only focus on today.  Focus on getting into the rhythm of buying and selling, the rhythm of both sides of the trade.  Here’s the Silver Chart. Your maniacal obsession should be with booking a profit on dollars when you enter Silver, and getting more ounces of Silver.  It makes sense that Silver is stronger than Gold in this correction than others, not because “the mainstream finally sees the light that the comex has no Silver!”, but because the monster money institutions believe the economy is strengthening.  Whether it is or not will be resolved down the road and Silver will respond accordingly.  I expect this outperformance by Silver to continue for some time.  I personally trade Silver against Gold, not against the Dollar.  As Silver rallies, book profits in Gold ounces of wealth, keeping you in the metals game, with less volatility.  Hi ho, Hi ho, to the price gridlines we go!  Over and out, from the Indian Mind!

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