Gold’s Gravy Train Technicals

1.An open invitation.  There’s a number of reasons I work from a La-Z-Boy recliner chair, with my laptop going to a 6 ft wide projection screen.  Here’s one of them: Jobs Report Movie

2.Notice that I’ve highlighted the date of August 6th in yellow.  That date is 3 days away, and together with the comex gold options expiry/rollover it forms the double feature gold movie, starring the “banksters” working to separate the world’s hedge funds and retail investors from their gold, with a terror plot that rivals any of the best Hollywood horror movie scripts.

3.Not every Options Period or Jobs Report plays out perfectly according to script, but most do.  Gold is sold by investors who don’t understand the show, investors who are not prepared, investors who are taken by surprise, and sell out believing even greater horrors are coming to their holdings valued in paper money.

4.In actual fact, what is scripted for gold time after time, by the banksters, is an initial hit on gold going into the report, and then a rocket blast price move to the upside, coming out of the report.

5.The report itself is released at 830am on Friday.  Information you can act on is what matters, which is information that destroys the mirage that you are free-falling off the gold cliff at 1033 and on your way to 680 again, watching your juniors fall past your bullion in a 70-90% price destruction horror show, after you have been transported in a time machine to the summer of 2008.  The good news for you, is that I hired the top scientists in the world, and they have absolutely verified you are not in any time machine.  Nor are those writers who claim you are.  The current year is verified by science as: 2010.  Not 2008!  There is actually no need for you to sell your gold to the banksters going into the Jobs Report Movie, as they convince the funds to panic-sell.

6.There IS a need for you to join the bankers and buy gold from those they successfully panic into a selling frenzy, if it happens on cue, or at least hold your ground and understand you are watching the world’s greatest chart painters with unlimited money, take gold candy from babies in a huge gold nursery.

7.As we go into Friday’s 830am report be prepared for any violent sell-offs.  How to prepare?  You lay in buy orders at prices below current prices in a pyramid formation.  My pyramid generator does that for you, and you should already have those buy orders in place.

8.Take the current sell-off in gold seriously.  Take the Jobs Report seriously.  Writing an epistle about the evil banksters isn’t going make you any money.  Getting serious on the buy side of the gold market is going to make you a competitor with the banksters for the gold that is turfed by millions of price chasers around the world, aka “The Gold Wiener Patrol”.

9.The flat line.  Many of you are doctors.  You know what happens when a patient arrives in the intensive care ward.  The battle is on.  When the doctors and the patient start losing the fight badly, the patient’s heartbeat flat lines on the ECG monitor.  Here’s a look at that patient flat lining now:

US Dollar Intensive Care Unit Chart Technicals

10. Look at the longer term Stochastics indicator (20,12 series).  It’s flat lining.  The shorter term Stochastics series has been oversold for 6 weeks.  Look at the MACD series.  It’s “water falling”.  One buy signal after another is failing. The long term “super indicator”, the TRIX, is close to an apparent buy on the 30,9 series.    But look closely at the shorter term indicators that precede it.  They’re water falling too!

11. The USD bulls are going over the waterfall.  Remember that currency moves tend to be bigger in price and longer in time than stock and commodity moves, in terms of intermediate and especially primary trend action.  Those trying to trade currencies with a system of stoplosses for “risk management”, instead of buying them in a pyramid formation to zero, or buying with a series of range pyramids, well, you are playing the lotto and paying a lot of money for your tickets.

12. It is my firm view that the number of lifetime market winners in the retail world is about 1 in a thousand.  Secular bull markets causing the OPPOSITE picture, a total skewing of the statistics, as the polls “accidentally” don’t include the previous secular bear, where 99% of the investors are “sent home to mommy”.

13. The action in all the paper currency markets revolves around the gold punisher, and you need to get your focus on the here and now, which is the $100 price sale on gold, and the possibility of an additional sale during the Jobs Report Movie.

14. The only technical positives for the dollar right now are some minor support against the euro, and that is very minor, and a blip up in momentum, also against the euro.  Look at the histograms (the green pipes) on the MACD series.  They look like wet noodles.  Professional traders should be buying the dollar against the euro now, yes, but only as a small money trade with dozens of buy orders that make no attempt to call the turn.  A single plop of funds into the US dollar at this point is complete madness.  The trade should involve LIMITED risk capital because we’ve entered a paper money crisis, a global paper money crisis.  Amateurs should be stepping up gold and gold stock purchases.  Use your understanding of the Jobs Report Movie to stand your ground on all existing gold positions.

15. The “Euro To Zero” trade has been a winner.  For the banksters who took the other side of the trade.  As did I, as the media went all-in on what became an almost  hourly bashing of anyone who dared to go long the Euro.  The funds called their short Euro trade a “lifetime trade”.  Well, instead of “Kachingos”, it’s been non-stop kachingNOs  for the funds, a blood-soaked forced liquidation horror show at the hands of the banksters.   The funds also placed OTC derivatives bets that the Euro was toast, and that’s been an even worse failure than the forex markets play.  The euro is over 132 this morning, now up a full 14 points from the 118 “It’s All Over” lows.  The funds are now chasing it, going long as the banksters take over the shorts from the funds.  The Euro, I believe, IS going to zero, but not against the dollar.  Against GOLD.  The only question is how long that will take.   The dollar is also going to zero against GOLD.

16. Money-printing a currency is the equivalent of reverse-splitting a stock.  The death of major currencies tends to be by way of reverse-split over hundreds of years, reverse-split to infinity against GOLD, until for all practical purposes, nothing remains.

17. As an investor, you want to maintain a firm grip on your GOLD based on your fundamental view.  Items like the long term global central bank gold buy programs, the industrial revolutions in China and India, and the implosion of paper currencies worldwide; these are major fundamental bull factors for gold.

18. Against that fundamental backdrop, however, is the GOLD MOVIE THEATRE.  The banksters can cause the funds and retail investors to sell gold, and sell it hard, creating price drops in paper money of $100 to $300, and soon…. $500 drops.

19. The issue for you as an investor in GOLD, is understanding this reality.  Don’t trade your fundamental bull view for the bear view based on a few scenes played out in the Gold Movie produced by the banksters.  The bankers are currently in the midst of an intermediate term accumulation of gold from funds and retail investors.  They want gold’s price to drop going into this Friday’s Jobs Report, so they can take yours. There’s no guarantee that price drops, and selling your gold now so you can buy it back cheaper is a ridiculous strategy, unless it is gold you bought at 1160 and sold into 1190 yesterday, which is exactly what an ARMY of my subscribers did yesterday via my pyramid generator, which mimics the action of the banksters in their market actions, systematically.

20. You can’t sell at 1190 for a $30 gain if you didn’t buy 1160, it’s that simple.  The amount of gold you bought before 1266 was hit, and sold after it fell from 1266 should be:  Zero.  Substantial buying should be underway on all weakness in this price area, and the focus is not on the small wins like the 1160 to 1190 kachingo yesterday.  That’s a great mental boost and it is real profits in the bank, used to buy more gold, but the focus needs to be on gold accumulation, not drawing the world’s smallest trendline to predict the next micro move down.  If you look at a micro move through a microscope, it looks huge. Don’t terrorize yourself unnecessarily with GOLD.

21. I want to quickly address the wheat market.  Bloomberg news fired the official price-chasing starter gun yesterday, announcing that some price-chasing fund manager “knows” wheat is about to rise 20%.  Sorry to break the bad news to Mr. Fund Manager and team Price Chaser, but the reality is wheat is up 58% in just over a month! Check the gold sites and see which writer has called food more of a blood relative to gold than even energy, check which writer was screaming till he was blue in the face to buy wheat, corn, sugar, and doing so while goldland tried for the 10 millionth time to short the Dow to zero, and failed again. That’s correct, it was I, and I alone, into the exact lows.  All I tell you to do, I’m doing myself, in the market. Bloomberg informs me this morning, “the wheat speculators are buying”.  Translation:  Hurry, chase that price, the banksters are selling and the funds and retail crowd are bailing on their totally roasted short positions.  The last thing I’m interested in now is buying wheat alongside Elmer Fudd Public Investor and the fundsters, in a crazed and overleveraged price chase, buying from the bankers who will be directly on the other side of that trade.  Wheat could go higher, yes, but the gravy is gone. Don’t be a bankster lapdog and show up for the table scraps. You might get some scraps, or you might get a beating.  Here’s the wheat chart:  Wheat.  The Cash Register Ringing Chart Look at the trading volume.  It is enormous.  Wheat hits $7 a bushel and waves of price-chasers surge forward to get all the free money, and the unlimited money banksters are taking the other side of every single price-chased trade.  What action are YOU taking in the wheat market today?  The story of wheat, here and now, is the story of profit booking.

22. Remember when I screamed to buy the Dow in the 8000-6500 area?  The Gravy Show came fast, and went even faster. Dow stocks like Alcoa and General Electric chalked up gains of 300% in 8 months, as the “Dow to Zero” gang blew up in one of the shorting community’s greatest loss-booking extravaganzas in market history.  The Dow is going higher, but the gravy money is gone, all gone.  Without the PUBLIC involved on the buy side of the stock market, you can’t have a shorting party either.  If you missed the show in 2007, you might have to wait another 30 years for the next one.  Sorry about that, but the only gravy money today is in two markets.

23. The first market is Natural Gas.  Here’s the chart:

Natural Gas Rocket Moved To the LaunchPad Area After playing bottom caller last fall, NatGas buyers watched as it “impossibly” went to one new low after another.  Those who understand they were correct in accumulating gas on that weakness, and are even more correct in accumulating it now on further weakness, stand to build substantial wealth in the world’s most volatile commodity.  I see a repeat of the wheat show near at hand, but whether it is near or far has no effect on my continued accumulation of this stellar asset, while Elmer Fudd Public Investor places additional locks on his paper money inside the blast furnace, while the banksters’ kiddies sit touching the ON switch, twitching with excitement.  “Daddy, can we turn it on now and watch a billion Elmer Fudds incinerate, please Daddy please!!” -5 year old banksters. “Sorry, kids, you have to wait a couple of more months, and then you turn it on and burn them 24-7 for months!  How does that sound for fun!” –Daddy Bankster.

24. The other market that offers super gravy size reward is the gold stocks market, here and now.  It’s important you all understand what is the most likely scenario coming in the gold market.  We are likely very near the end of the gold bull, but it is likely to be ended with a restoration of the gold standard, a process that will LOCK gold at quasi-permanently high prices.  The public will be stunned at the coming size of the move UP in gold, and even more stunned at how impoverished that move makes them, which is the reason for the revaluation of gold, but their shock is not going to make you any money if you don’t understand what is going on.  Gold stocks will rise dramatically, but the Gravy Phase will end very quickly.  Gold stocks that become producers will become like utility companies, cash cows, but with a flat stock price.  Inflation could be very high, and gains on the high dividends paid by gold stocks could be not so high in real money terms.  Making the big money means being positioned now, and facing your own mortality after the Gold Gravy phase ends.  I’ve faced that mortality many times, and the Dow and Wheat are just two recent examples.  There will be hedging techniques that should allow you to REMAIN invested in a LOT of gold, but few will listen, being caught up in the “gold to the sky forever” mantra pounded into their brains, as the banksters dump their gold holdings onto the taxpayer, as central banks “coincidentally” and “for the good of the people” drastically ramp up gold buying, at the highest possible gold prices, as the dollar vortex down creates unfathomable terror amongst 99% of the world’s investors.  Here’s the GDX.  I talked about the $HUI yesterday.

GDX Bull Continuation Head & Shoulders Super Pattern What I want you to look at is the volume on the right hand side of the chart since October, 2009.  When price “double tops”, as many in the gold community think it is doing now (and they are about to miss the entire gold parabola), what is happening is that those who bought into the initial high (in this case around the 50-56 area), those who didn’t sell out at losses in the meltdown, are now trying to get out at “breakeven”.  It’s a knee-jerk emotional reaction.  Notice how small the volume is around the left shoulder area compared to the volume on the right side.  What you are looking at is massive accumulation of gold stock by the banksters and by professional investors.  They know the Gold Gravy Play is near at hand, and I’ve pounded the table “only” about 500,000 times that the way the banksters operate in the market is to look for maximum Profit Velocity. That means the most of amount of price movement in the shortest period of time, so their risk capital is at risk for the shortest period of time, generating the returns that Public Investors try to make in a lifetime (and fails totally), in just months.  You saw that profit velocity in the Dow in it’s phenomenal “out of the hole” move at Dow 6500.  You just saw it in wheat.  You will see it soon in Natural Gas, and you will see it, also very soon, in Gold Stock.  I’ve drawn a yellow circle on the GDX chart indicating a remote possibility that price gyrates sideways creating a larger right shoulder and a more symmetrical pattern.  As to whether that happens or not, who knows, who cares.  You should be so LUCKY as to see that right shoulder go symmetrical with the left one, so lucky to be able to buy gold stock at lower prices.  I don’t think you’re going to be that lucky!  At best, the Jobs Report Movie is going to see the fundsters and retail clients throw out a few gold stock scraps, and I suggest you have gold buy traps set and ready now, as the Gold Movie Main Show starts in 72 hours, or sooner!  Are You Prepared?

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