Interview: Bigger Picture of the Precious Metals Market

“Obviously GDX is ahead of GDXJ but when we see those ETF’s take out their 2016 highs that’s one thing which I think could trigger, real real strong momentum-filled bull market in all of the juniors.

The second thing I’m looking at is a chart of GDX against the S&P 500, and that has come close to breaking above a key level. When we see gold stocks strongly outperforming the S&P 500 – it hasn’t quite happened yet – but when we see that start to happen and sustain it, that’s when you’re going to see a lot more capital look at precious metals and that will filter its way down to silver and the juniors.

So those are two things I’m looking at with respect to when do we see a real bull market and when do we see that trigger, a huge increase in buying and interest in the juniors.

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