Interview: Gold Bull May Last 20 Years

Collin Kettell fills in for Kerem and interviews Jordan Roy-Byrne about the potential of a new bull market in gold. Jordan is not sure how long this particular move will last, but it could be a big one that lasts at least the next six months to a year.

Jordan has said previously, “The market will move when the Fed cuts rate because gold rises with declining interest rates or rising inflation rates.” He says, “This is now playing out exactly as it should, but it’s too early to determine how long it will last. The days of a thousand dollar gold is long gone. We are just at the start of something that is going to be historical and last the next fifteen plus years.”

Time Stamp References: 0:45 – Jordan has a new book out. 1:45 – 6-12 Months of Bull Market. 4:00 – Market is playing out as expected. 5:30 – Money should flow to juniors. 8:30 – Funds will eventually move the market. 10:30 – Mid-40s to Mid-50s double-digit inflation. 13:30 – Spiraling inflation will move the gold market. 16:30 – Today’s prices will look dirt cheap.

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