Interview with The Next Bull Market Move

Joining us today at The Next Bull Market Move is Jordan Roy-Byrne from The Daily Gold. I have been a reader and long time subscriber of Jordan’s work and in my opinion he provides some of the best research and analysis out there. Enjoy.

Hi Jordan, so how did your investing journey begin? Have you always been interested in the markets?

I started following the stock market in the late 1990s and specifically the tech sector. At a very young age I was interested in money and always wanted to earn money. I knew the existence of the stock market and had the sense that I would be involved in it personally and perhaps professionally as I grew older.  

I began investing during the tech bubble and actually got in early enough that I was able to retain some profits by 2002. What hurt me was not the bursting of the bubble but more so buying stocks on weakness in 2001 thinking they would rocket back up. The entire experience was a great learning lesson. It caused me to begin learning and studying technical analysis.

Can you give us some background on your site The Daily Gold? How did this initially begin? 

After the end of the technology mania I became convinced of the bull market in commodities. I started investing in energy first in 2003-2004 and then Gold and Silver. In 2005 I had started a free email newsletter that covered commodities but then my focus was on Gold and Silver.    

In 2009 I decided to turn it into a product and I rebranded it as a Gold newsletter. The Daily Gold sounded like a great name.  

To me, it appears as if we are back in a bull market for gold and silver and the mining shares, would you agree with this?

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